Chapter 10

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The room was silent. Not even Candy tried to talk to cheer anyone up. I didn't know what to say. I felt betrayed. Toby didn't tell me that I was going to be a father. Why? Did he not want the child? He already had three so what me so special?

Twilight broke the silence. "When were you going to tell us?" she snapped at Toby. He flinched and didn't say anything.

"Don't be angry with him." Father came into the room with Mother right on his heels. They both wore all black. I grabbed Toby's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "I told him not to say anything to you all so that Oddison didn't find out."

"But Oddison knows. He knew it before we did," Skye said. Father sighed and looked at me,

"He wasn't supposed to know. He probably has a spy here. Toby's body doesn't even know he's pregnant yet since it's a shapeshifter." Father turned to me. "The wedding will be next week and the crowing of the new king and queen will be held after the one week honeymoon."

Only a week? And getting married so suddenly. I only just proposed. "Father, I've only just proposed to him. I understand the urgency of getting married, but," Father held up his hand, making me go silent.

"You've been gone for almost a month. When Oddison first attacked you, your soul wandered around for a at least two weeks before you realized that you needed to find Tobias. Then you laid on that table for a week motionless until I gave you back your memories."

I was out for a month. Toby suffered for a month without me. I glanced at Toby and his expression told me that what Father said was true, not that I doubted Father. I wanted to apologize but I couldn't open my mouth to say anything.

"I have Saturday open for the wedding. You two will have a week honeymoon and return on the following Saturday. Then Sunday you will become the King and Queen. Do I make myself clear?"

I managed a nod. Toby nodded as well. Father seemed pleased with our answer and him and Mother left without another word. The kids excused themselves and left the room with just me and Toby.

"I'm not mad at you," I told him. Toby's eyes welled up and he cried, tears streaking his cheeks.

"I wanted to tell you I swear I did, but Father told me to stay quiet and now Oddison has something he can use against us." Toby stopped to wipe his face and cough. "I really wanted this, just not this suddenly. It's like my first relationship all over again."

Something ticked inside me and I suddenly felt angry. He was comparing me to his ex. He didn't mean it that way, I know, but I just wanted to snap. I took a deep breath and hugged Toby tightly. Toby grasped me tightly, his tears bleeding through my shirt.

There's no reason for me to get angry at him. It's Oddison I needed to be angry about. I let my anger subside as I held Toby. He was slowly calming down. I waited until he fell asleep before I scooped him up and laid him gently onto the bed. I didn't want to sleep so I left Toby a note to tell him I was going to get something to eat.

I went to the kitchen and peeked my head inside to see that Niko was cutting up some fruit with Skye watching along with Candy. Candy saw me first and she smiled and waved. I waved back and she patted the chair next to her.

Niko looked up and smiled. "Hungry?" he asked. I nodded and he nodded back. He went to the fridge and pulled out a bowl of spaghetti. He went to warm it up and I sat next to the girls. Candy hugged me tightly.

"Candy missed Reid," she mumbled. I hugged her back and she giggled. Skye suddenly looked sick to her stomach. I opened my mouth to ask when the door slammed open, making Niko jump and all of us look at Dawn and Dusk.

They looked beat up, bruises covered Dusk's face and Dawn's clothes were torn. "He took mom," Dawn said, his voice shaking. "We tried to fight back."

Dusk held his brother in his arms the best he could since he looked like he was in pain. Skye jumped up to comfort her parents and Candy looked back at me.

"Where's Twi?" she asked. Dawn cried harder, hiding his face in his brother's arms.

"Oddison took her as well. We were all trying to protect mom and she jumped at last minute when they teleported," Dusk explained. Candy's blue eyes welled with tears, but she didn't cry. Surprisingly, she growled and stood.

"Candy needs Twi and Toby! Candy will help fight to save them." She grabbed my hand. King Reid will get Toby and Twi back!" She smiled at me, her eyes glittering. Skye nodded.

"And I'll help as much as I can," Skye said. Dawn wiped his face, his mismatched eyes slowly turning red.

"I will help kill those who take my family hostage," he said. Dusk nodded in agreement.

"We need a plan. I'll go talk to Father about it. Dawn, Dusk, take some time to recover. You guys look pretty banged up. Skye and Candy, I want you two to go to the bedroom and see if there was anything we could use to try and find them. Chances are, they aren't going to the castle. Everyone alright with the plan so far?" They all nodded. "Good. Let's get this going." They all teleported away and I waited until everyone was gone before I ran to Father's room. He sat at his desk, but instead of filling out papers, he was looking at maps.

"I know why you're here," Father said, not looking up from the maps. "Toby isn't at Damien's Castle. He is underground and Twilight is with him as well. They are near the Dead Sea." He pointed to the poisonous lake and I cringed. "You need to go there and retrieve them. I'm making a route for you and the others to walk there. Walking is much safer than teleportation. If you teleport, they can take it as a sign of war and we don't need a war to start with them over there. It will take about a month to walk there, a few weeks to get to the underground. When you get Toby and Twilight, then and only then, will you teleport out. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Father, but the weather is taking a turn for the cold. It would take longer to get there," I told him. The winters in Underfalls were always harsh and freezing, especially on the routes that he wanted us to take. Father grimaced and nodded.

"Then it will have to take longer for you to go get them. Get ready to leave tomorrow before it gets too cold. I'll have troops ready for you. Take the children with you as well, but make sure to keep your eyes on them. We don't need another one taken away from us."

I nodded and walked out of his office and down the hall to the bedroom. Candy was looking around the shattered glass and Skye was sifting through the papers that littered the floor. Skye spotted me first and sighed deeply. Candy looked up from the glass and walked right through it.

"Doesn't that hurt?" Skye asked Candy. Candy blinked and looked at her bloodied feet. She shook her head.

"Candy hurt more without Twi. Glass in foot doesn't hurt," she said. Skye hugged Candy.

"We'll get Twilight back, and Toby too," she said.

"I spoke with Father and we need to get ready to leave tomorrow. Its not safe to teleport so we will travel by foot. I'll have a map that will lead us to where Toby and Twilight are held. It'll take us some time with winter approaching but we will teleport back to the castle."

"How long will it take?" Skye asked.

"I'm not sure. Hopefully not too long." I replied. They nodded. I walked out of the room and to Dawn and Dusks room. I relayed the information to them and they nodded sadly. I left them to get themselves ready for the trip tomorrow.

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