Chapter 15

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I woke up the next morning in the arms of my husband. He was fast asleep, his hair a mess from last night's adventure. I sighed at the memory and pried his arm away so that I could shower and get dressed.

I dressed in a black turtleneck sweater and some jeans. It wasn't something a Queen should wear, but I wasn't planning on going outside today. I made sure that Reid was still asleep before I teleported to the cells below. I was greeted with guards who bowed when they saw me.

Theodore growled and lunged for the bars, only to be shocked back. He swore under his breath, climbing into his bed and covering his head with the blanket he had stripped apart. Noah was sitting on the bed, looking lost in thought. I tapped on his bars and he flinched.

"Noah, are you feeling better?" I asked. He shook his head and looked down at his feet. "I want to talk to you about something." Noah looked scared for a second.

I motioned for the guards to unlock his cell and they seemed to hesitate before they did what I told them. Noah didn't move, he just looked at the floor, his blue eyes glazed over.

"Noah I don't want to kill you, in fact, I want to help you," I said as I walked in and sat next to him. He blinked and looked up to me.

"Why? Haven't I done enough. I can't even see the person I tried to protect. He could be dead and I won't ever know. I'll be forced to stay down here for the rest of my life." He sniffled and used his sleeve to wipe his nose. "There isn't a point anymore for me to be here."

My chest hurt, feeling his agony. "You helped me and my daughters, I want to help you as well. Stay here in the castle. I'll give you a room and you would eat with us and you can see Barry when he comes to visit."

Noah tensed up and sniffled again. "So you know who it is?" I nodded. He sighed and looked over at the cell where his brother was laying. He was breathing but he didn't show any other sign other than that. "I never told my brother because he was such a baby. He would've told our parents and cause more problems, since he just stays under Damien and Oddison." Noah's voice cracked when he spoke, his eyes welling up with tears. His parents disowned him before coming to attack us and I can see the hurt he felt to talk about his family.

I grabbed his hands and tugged him to his feet. "I want you to stay in a room but first, I'll strip you of your powers, okay?" Noah looked to his brother then back to me. He gave a nod and I nodded back. I absorbed his powers through his hands and smiled at him. Noah clenched his teeth, his eyes closed tightly.

When the energy subsided, Noah sighed and blinked his blue eyes, keeping the tears out. "You are pretty much another son of mine." Noah flinched.

"Your sons hate me," he said. "Luna and Twilight might be okay with me, but Dawn and Dusk don't really like me because of Oddison."

I understood that, but they were going to have to deal with it as well as well as Reid. "It's alright. They will get used to it. Just like Twilight had to get used to Candy being around."

"Candy and Twilight originally weren't together?" I laughed a bit and shook my head. The image of the whole ordeal ran through my head and I sighed.

"They weren't. Candy was a prostitute I saved from Twilight. She almost slaughtered the poor girl. It was her ex-boyfriend cheating on her with Candy. Candy was innocent. She was only doing her job at the wrong house." Noah looked terrified.

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