Chapter 4

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It's Friday. I got up early to shower longer. I'm going on a picnic date with my mate, and I can't wait to see him again. It's been a long week without him. It's odd that now that I've found my mate, it's so difficult to be without him. I've never felt this way before, and the fact that I've met him just a week ago eludes me. I've just recently met the one person I can't go a day without, much less a week.

I took a deep breath and checked my appearance once more before I got into my car and drove to his house. I walked up to his door and knocked on the door three times.

Soon, the door opened and a small woman stood there, wearing a black button up skirt and a white shirt tucked in. Her big blue eyes and long black hair are alluring. I blinked and tilted my head as I studied her.

"Who's at the door, Candy? Oh, hi Reid," Dawn said, coming to the door. I waved my hello and Dawn moved Candy out of the way so I could walk in.

"Candy?" I asked. The woman perked at her name and she sat eager for me to ask something. "Where have I heard that name?"

"Probably everywhere, knowing how much this slut has been around."

I looked over to see Twilight, and hearing her harsh words had me feeling concerned.

She saw my look and rolled her eyes as she walked on by. "You know. Prostitutes. Whores. Strippers. It's very popular around here, apparently."

I wanted to ask what has her so upset about this, but then I noticed that her man isn't around, like he usually is. I gave her a questioning look, but she ignored me. Candy blushed in embarrassment and turned to dash up the stairs. Twilight sneered in the direction she went.

"Great, now she's gonna go snitch on me."

I definitely missed something since the last time I was here, and I'm almost afraid to ask what it was.

Dawn sighed and put his book down to look up at his sister. "She wouldn't have to get up and leave the room if you didn't absolutely hate her guts for doing her job. She had no idea about anything, and you almost killing her wouldn't help the situation."

Twilight screamed in frustration and vanished from the spot. Dawn rolled his eyes and went back to reading his book.

I stood there feeling confused for a few minutes. I wanted to ask Dawn what happened, but what if it's private? I'd just be rude. I'm hoping Toby would walk in soon and take me away from this awkward silence, but then Dusk walked in and waved at me before walking over to his mate. "We have a problem. I can't find Skye. I can only assume Twlight has her, but I don't know where."

Dawn looked up at his mate, confused and worried. "What?"

I can see why they're worried; an infuriated teenager alone with a child? Only bad things could come from that. I blinked and cleared my throat.

"I could help," I offered. "I can help find them."

Dusk nodded to me appreciatively, and then I walked upstairs to begin the search. Maybe I can find Toby along the way, too.

I started with the room furthest down the hallway and I opened it, but then chuckled quietly. I can feel them, but I can't see them. There's some sort of spell over the room to hide them. I waved my hand to wipe it away, and it fell easily.

I was surprised that it went away so easily, but then I realized why.

The baby is lying comfortably in Twilight's arms in the bed, both of them fast asleep in a room. I decided not to wake them as I left the room and went back downstairs to the worried parents.

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