Chapter 11

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I fought hard at the drug flowing through my body. It made everything blurry and I felt like I was moving through jelly. I turned my head lazily to the side to see Twilight laying limp in someone's arms. I opened my mouth but the only thing I managed was slurred incoherent words. The person holding me growled.

"Shut your mouth. She can't hear you. I'm surprised that you are still awake. I drugged you more than I drugged her and she's out cold." I recognized the voice. It was Oddison. He had me and I was too numb to fight back.

He followed the other guy to a room and dropped me onto a large soft bed. I wanted to sit up but my body protested anything I did. Twilight was tossed next to me and she only made a soft noise that sounded similar to a snore.

Oddison stood next to the other guy and I didn't recognize him. He was about his height with curly blonde hair and the same eyes as Oddison.

"Father, are you sure its alright to leave them here? They might retaliate," the other guy told Oddison. Oddison smirked, his eyes meeting mine before he looked back at him.

"Theodore, Toby knows not to attack. He doesn't want to hurt the precious whore child in his stomach. Isn't that so?" I glared at him. I opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out. Oddison smirked and spoke in the ancient language I never learned.  They laughed at something an then the room was silent, all except for Twilight snoring softly next to me. I finally gave in to the exhaustion and went to sleep.

I felt like I had just closed my eyes when I felt someone shaking me. I opened my eyes to glare when I saw my daughter sitting over me, her eyes wild with fear.

"Thank god you're alive. I didn't hear your breathing and so I panicked." She hugged me tightly before letting me go so that I could sit up and scan where we were. It was like an apartment. It had a television and a couch, a door possibly leading to a bathroom, a mini kitchen, and what looked like a balcony. There was even a bookshelf and a few bean bag chairs.

I know we were captured, but what's with the luxury things? It was almost like they wanted us to be comfortable. The door opened and Oddison and Damien walked in, followed by two other guys, one I recognized as Noah, their son. The other one must have been a new child.

"Good to see you two awake," Oddison said. Twilight glared and spat at his feet.

The guy I didn't know smirked at Oddison. "She's feisty. I like it." Damien smacked him in the back of his head.

"That's disgusting and not allowed. If I find you have messed with her I'll show you what real torture is," Damien said. The other guy rolled his eyes, his blonde hair matching Damien's. I blinked in realization.

"That's your son?" I asked, coughing to make my voice clear. Oddison nodded and patted the blonde kid on his back.

"Yes, I have two sons, Noah, my oldest, and Theodore. Twilight glared at the two boys.

"They are not brothers to me, Full blooded or half blooded," Twilight stated, crossing her arms.

Oddison went to strike, but Damien grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back. Oddison hissed and the boys started to snicker. "That is no way to treat our guests. My threat goes to you as well, Oddison. Husband or not, I will torture you as well. Let them get some time to get used to their surroundings. They'll be here for a while."

"How long?" I asked. I didn't want to be stuck here. Who knows that they'll do to us. While it looked like a nice living space, I couldn't stand to be here.

"Until your backup comes to save you. Who knows when that'll be." Oddison said, twisting his arm away from his husband. "Until then, You'll be here. Don't try to escape because this place is magic protected and it also binds your magic so no teleportation. The balcony is free to you, but it also has a boundary around it so you cant jump off. Enjoy your stay here," Oddison said. He waved and left, with Damien in tow. Noah and Theodore stood there, watching us.

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