Chapter 2

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It's been so long since I actually got in touch with my friends. I started to think that I didn't even have any, until Bradley showed up with his wife and kid. I'm glad I met them because now I don't feel so lonely.

I've been around the world, doing things other people wished they could do. Traveled the world, twice, went to space and came back, bedded many people along the way. It was fun an all, but I really wanted to settle down now. This world changes so much, and yet...

I knocked on the front door to Bradley's house. The door immediately opened and Emiliah stood there. Her pink locks are longer than they were the last time I saw them, and her mercury eyes narrowed up at me.

I heard a sound behind me and I turned around to see that a family is unpacking their van.

Then I saw him.

His long, silky black hair is in a ponytail. Seeing it, I had the urge to run my fingers through it, despite the fact I don't even know the guy. I caught a glimpse of his mismatched eyes-- one red, one black. I wanted to stare at him forever.

"Are you gonna come in or what?" Emiliah demanded, impatiently. I jumped a little and turned to her, not understanding what she said at first. Then realizing where I am and what I was doing, I nodded and walked inside. I tried to shake off this warm feeling I have. It's a feeling of joy and excitement and I'm not even sure why. What's happening?

Barry sat next to the door, smiling. I knew he was waiting for something, or someone. We exchanged waves before I made my way into the living room where a few kids from the school Barry went to were sitting on the couches or dancing to the modern music playing above.

"Reid! Glad you could make it," Bradley called from across the room. He's sitting on the long couch next to the window.

"I had nothing better to do. It's great to see you guys again," I replied I said with a shrug and a smirk as I walked over. Bradley tossed me a beer. I opened it with a snap and took a long deep drink. Maybe he knows who that family is, I thought, but then another part of me thought: Maybe he knows who that guy outside is. "Who are those people outside?"

Bradley looked confused until the door opened and the family I saw bustled their way in, carrying the things they brought. They must be more of his friends or something.

Bradley stood and went to help them unpack. I took his place on the couch and took another drink. I wonder how many of these I can drink before I forget? I set the can down onto the coffee table and stretched.

Other people started to migrate inside, the black haired beauty included. Three of them looked exactly like the man, two boys and a girl. The baby even looks like him as well. The only one out is the blonde human standing next to the girl. They all dispersed that the beauty sat on his own.

I stood and made my way over to him. He noticed me walking over and a pink spread over his cheeks. How cute.

"Hey there, sweetheart." I said, using what I've learned over the years.

The guy laughed. "Sweetheart? That's the cutest thing I've been called," he said.

I chuckled and sat next to him. "Really? I bet the cutest thing you could be called is your name. I'm Reid."

"Toby," he replied, and our eyes met. My eyes widened as I felt that exotic rush I felt earlier when I saw him. I feel a connection to him, and although I only just met him, I feel like...

I suppressed as gasp as I realized. Is this what it feels like to find "the one"? Could he be my eternal mate? I knew that I'd find my mate at some point, but now that's it's happening, I almost couldn't believe it.

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