Adria's P.O.V.

I ran to hide behind the island in the middle of the kitchen. I am crouched when I heard


Right before a very pissed off James came stomping in the kitchen.

“Adria, I know you’re in here. I suggest you stop hiding, and face the consequences of your actions.”

I stood up. I saw him covered in pink glitter. I burst out laughing. I took my phone out and took like five pictures.

“Come here.”

He said this in his most endearing time. It took everything I had to not do what he asked.


He gave me his best puppy dog eyes.

 “Please? I need to hug my mate. My wolf is begging for it.”

I looked at him. He was slowly moving towards me.

“Maybe, after you shower. I can’t risk getting all dirty. I just showered.”

“Well then.”

He ran to get me, but I saw it coming. I quickly ran away not wanting to get dirty. “Adria! Get over here and give me a hug!”

“Not into the shower, you overgrown lug.”

 I was still running. I got to a door and tried to open it but I felt someone’s arms around me and then my back was wet. Damn, I had just gotten clean. I try to free myself from his grasp. All I got was for him to turn me around and crush me harder against his chest.

“Ew James! Let me go! Now I have to shower again! Thank you!”

I was yelling at him. All he did was laugh.

“I’m sorry, I can’t take you seriously with all that pink glitter I rubbed on you.”

He was laughing really hard.

“At least I don’t look like a freaking sweaty fairy godmother!”

He stopped laughing and got dead serious.

“What did you just say?”

I smirked.

“I said you looked like a freaking sweaty fairy godmother!”

“Okay! That’s it, now you’re really going to get it!”

I took off at around.

“That’s right Princess, you better run!  When I catch you, and that's on if, it's a when. When I catch you there will be no Mercy!"

I was running out of the house and into the forest. Once I was out of sight I shifted. I began to run like my life depended on it. I got to a clearing. I went to the middle and crouched down so I was out of sight. There was tall grass all around me, so it was easier to hide. I I heard steps coming closer. Suddenly I saw a glitter covered wolf standing over me.

‘Nice try princess,’

I heard him saying in my mind

‘but maybe next time try hiding better.’

 Before he could put a paw on me I jumped out of his grasp.

‘Not so fast fairy godmother, you haven’t caught me yet!’

I began to run. He chased after me. We chased each other for a while. When he was chasing me my foot got stuck in a hole.

I know what you must be thinking. How could I not have seen the hole? Truth is I wasn't paying attention. I was making sure he didn’t catch me.

Anyway, my paw got stuck, but I didn’t notice until too late. James pounced on me and with his force on me my paw snapped. I heard a loud snap and I yelped in pain.

James caught on immediately and stopped what he was doing. He looked at my front paw. It was bent at an awkward angle.

He quickly shifted and carried my wolf back to the Pack house. He must be extremely strong to carry a wolf my size all the way back.

We got to the Pack house and James yelled for the pack doctor. I was a little out of it. The pain was excruciating, it took everything I had not to faint. The pack doctor was pretty quick to get to us. He led us to the infirmary.

“Put her there.”

I was laying on a cold metal table.

“I need you to leave, what needs to be done here will get me killed by your wolf.”

James’ his face was one of sorrow but also determination.

“No. I will stay here to make sure she’s okay.”

“No! You need to go change, first of all. If you stay here I am sure I will end up dead.

“Leave, now!”

James was stubborn, but he knew the doctor was right. He kissed my head and left.

“Shift.” I had the doctor say. I shifted and the pain had triple.


Make it stop!”

“Dear, your shoulder is dislocated and your arms is snapped in two. I have to set your shoulder and then I have to try and mend your arm.”

I nodded. I have to be a big girl about this. The moment he so much as touched my arm I hissed in pain.

“Don’t move. I know it will hurt like hell, but try your best not to move.”

I nodded. He grabbed my shoulder. He was right; it hurt like hell. I felt like dying. He set my shoulder and I started to scream and cry.

Soon enough James slammed the door trying to come in and see what was wrong. His eyes were pitch black. As soon as he saw me sitting on table his eyes softened a touch, but darkend the moment he saw my tear streaked face.

He ran up to me and wiped the tears from my face.

“Don’t cry baby girl. It breaks my heart to know I can’t do anything about it.”

After the pain subsided the doctor spoke.

“What is your favorite color?” I stared. “Umm, Purple, why?”

“To choose the color of your cast.”

I was surprised.

“I have to wear a cast? What happened to the super healing?”

The doctor chuckled.

“That only works if you have fully mated with your mate.”

My eyes widened, I looked at James, he was smiling at me.

 “You know we could-.”

I put my hand up to silence him.

“Where’s a cast?”

I asked a little red faced. They both laughed. I was getting tomato red. It was very embarrassing. I tried to raise my arm to slap James’ arms to get him to stop laughing. All I got was excruciating pain to shoot up my arm.

I screamed in pain. I fell back on the table only to dislocate my shoulder once again. I arched my back in pain.

And ended up banging my head on the table very hard. It hurt like hell. Everything happened very fast. James was by my side in less than the thought.

 “Damn! I just fixed her shoulder!”

I heard the Doctor curse, before I was consumed by complete darkness.



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