#15: Possessive Yet Again

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Adria's P.O.V.

Two weeks passed and I got the cast off. James was still stuck to my side. I would say it got annoying but I really liked him by my side. I was in heat, which meant I needed him by my side or I would be in a worse payment than when I dislocated my shoulder.

He was kind to me when I was sick, or hurt, but nothing compared to how nice he was to me now. He constantly asked me if I needed anything. I would smile patiently and say

“I am fine." Or "no thank you."

The pain I was going through was terrible but I needed to stay in bed because if I stood I would get dizzy and fall. Knowing James he would get pissed if I fell again.

How do I know this? Through trial and error of course. I tried to stand up once and failed miserably. James was falling asleep when I tried this. He was woken up by the loud thump that was caused by my butt hitting the ground. Then I whisper yelled


That got him going. He again yelled at me to stay in bed.


“Yes, princess?”

Good, his anger was gone.

“Would you mind helping me get to the bathroom? I’ve been wanting to go for a while now but you were mad and I didn’t want you to get even more mad.”

He chuckled.

“Sure, Princess, I’ll help you.”


He help me stand but soon realized I was too weak. He came into the bathroom and left me there. As soon as he was out I began to feel like I was hot. It soon escalated to an intense burning sensation.

“Ahh! It burns!”

James came running.

“What’s wrong princess?”

“It Burns! Make it stop please! I feel like I’m dying! Please help!”

The pain was too intense, this time. Not even his proximity would take it away.

“Why does it hurt so much!? Why hasn’t gone away? Princess doesn’t still hurt?”

I was crying now. Sobbing actually.

“Yes! Yes it does! It’s getting worse by the second! James! What do we do?! I can’t take it much longer, I feel like I’m suffocating!”

I sobbed as he took me back to bed. He tried to cover me but I started to scream in pain. “James! Take this away please! I beg of you! I can’t take it! It feel like my skin is melting off of my body!"

James was getting stressed. I could see it in his eyes, he was falling apart slowly knowing he couldn’t do anything to help me except the one thing that would take away my innocence.

"Princess, there's nothing I can do except one thing, but I couldn't do that to you unless you would let me.”

He had tears falling from his face to my own. He was hovering above me, watching me writhe in pain.

I knew I was ready for this. I was ready to be his, forever and always.

"James, I'm ready, I know you might think it's that heat talking, but it's not."

That's all it took his mouth to find mine. He asked for entrance and I granted it.

We were fully together that night. It was amazing.

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