Chapter #22: Epilogue

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A/N: Hey guys!!! Here is the final chapter for AFFTO. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my book as much as I enjoyed writing it. I mostly wrote it during school so it appeared I was doing school work when actually I wasn't. I know such a rebel! Don't tell anyone though!!

I love you guys!! I enjoyed sharing this story with you along with all the other one's I am currently writing. 

I am thinking of writing a sequel because one of you asked for it. So I'll be writing it but I need to get a name for the main characters and a title for the story. I need to think those up. You guys are welcome to help, you can send me a message or anything.

Anyway... I hope you guys enjoy this chapter and make this stories one of you beloved memories.

That's what I hope anyway.



"Seriously? Are you kidding me? That is so awesome Adria.! I'm so happy for you!"

Paula was hugging me. Well, not hugging me as much as crushing me.

I wanted to tell my friends our good news. Paula was first to jump up and congratulate me on my pregnancy.

James has not let me do anything on my own. I would be mad normally but I understood that he did these things so no harm will come to me or our pup. I was thankful for it.

When Paula was ‘crushing me’ I grunted at my discomfort and I heard James growl. I rolled my eyes at him, it was a simple hug, no need to get so overprotective.

 Logan came up to me and hugged me too. James almost lost it that time.

I had to cut the house short so I could yell at him.

“James, calm down, it’s just a hug.”

I touched his arm knowing skin to skin contact would calm him down. He sighed.

"I'm sorry, I just don't like other males touching you. I didn't like it before you were pregnant but I still allowed because I knew it was stupid. But now that you are pregnant it's very hard for me to deal with other males touching you.”

He smiled in embarrassment. I chuckled.

“Okay, I get it.”

I turned back and got hugged by everyone else. We went out to dinner only to find that everything was not appetizing. Damn these hormones.

I really hope this baby is really freaking cute if he’s not letting me eat sushi.

All I ate for my nine months was pasta and cereal. I felt disgusting.

I could swear I was getting fat but gentle told me that I was not that. He really is such a sweetheart.

Some mornings I woke up with my head in the toilet sweating as if I were in the steam room. Several of those times he would take me to the Pack Doctor to make sure everything was fine.

For the first ultrasound we found out that I was having twins. James was ecstatic. I was too but he was more considering that he wasn't going to blow up like a balloon.

I hated the fact that I was getting bigger. The first time the babies kicked I was jolted awake in the middle of the night. The babies kicking hurt like hell. I was taking deep breaths, except that when it kicked again I clutched my stomach while sitting up. This caused James to jolt awake.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, the babies started to kick. It's really strong."

He put his hand on my stomach asking for my permission first. He started staring at my stomach in shock.

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