The sun beamed through the window. My alarm went off with the "He's a Pirate" song playing. It's the theme song for Pirates of the Carribean. The song is really entertaining. Any way I got up and decided to get in the shower. I had school today. My first day at the new school. After I finished showering I walked to my closet and picked out my clothes.

Today I decided to wear a black tanktop with Jeans and my black vince shoes. The shoes were the best shoes ever! It felt like I was wearing slippers. I grabbed a sweater in case I was cold. 

Once  was dressed I decided to put on some make up. It basically consoted of mascara and lip gloss. I blow dried my hair a little bit so it wouldn't be dripping wet. I let it fall naturally. Everyday my hair ended up looked almost the same. Long, wavy, jet black, and shiny. I guess that's why my wolf is balck, the wierd thing is that as a wolf I seem to have white paws, it's kind of funny, it looks like I'm wearing socks.

I went back to ym room and unplugged my phone from its charger. I read the time and it was 7:10 AM. Wait WHAT?!?!?!?!  7:10?!?!?!?! Holy Hell I'm going to be lake! Not a good first imperssion on my first day. I ran downstairs and grabbed and apple. Trust me when I say that apple and mint do not mix well. It tasted horrible. I said goodbye to my mother and left. 

My brother is a senior in highschool so he gets to go in a little later, I'm a junior, so I have my first class at 8:00 in the morning.

The car ride ove to the school was soothing. I was listening to "All Of Me" by John Legend. I love thats song! The ride was 10 mintues long. In my opinion it was not nearly long enough.

I parked the car a little far from the school entrance. I wanted to prolong the time I had beforeI had to be labeled as the "new kid." I find it pretty annoying. I startedwalking and arrived at the sidewalk.

I got the wolfy whistles from the typical horny jocks. I could tell they were mostly human except for a couple of them. The werewolves took the opportunity to wink, wave, and say that famous line that everybody knows means they want to get in your pants "Hey babe."

I simply rolled my eyes as I walked past them. One of the werewolves walked right up behind me and pinched my ass! Okay lets get something straight. I understand the winks, the waves, the smirks, and the grins, and all the "hay babe's."

But I'll be damned before I let any horny boy, human or wolf, pinch or touch what is not theirs! I quickly turned around. While I walked up to him I was debating if I should straight up punch him or tease and pinch. 

I decided to teaseand pinch. When I got close to him and tapped his shoulder. 

"Hey big guy."

He was big, buff and quite hot actually.

"I need to tell you something, come closer."

Being a dumb jock he actually did what I asked and came closer. What must he be thinking to actaully come closer to the girl to whom he just pinched her ass.

I bit my lip playfully and nibbled on his earlobe until I felt his 'member' joing the party. I seductively whispered in his ear.

"This is what you get for pinching my butt."

I quickly grabbed his jewels and he let out a yelp and I watched as he fell to his knees in pure agony.

"That's what you get for touching what does not belong to you Jackass!"

I yelled at him and went inside, ignoring the stares I was getting from the girls.

"You will regret doing that!"

I heard Jackass

"I swear it!"

He finshed. I ignored him and went straight to the office to get my schedule.

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