Adria’s P.O.V.

1 Year Later

 I was woken up by soft kisses along on my face. I groaned and push whatever it was that was waking me up. I don't like being woken up. Never did, never will. The kisses continue after I pushed the deliver away. I groaned.

"Leave me be! I'm asleep!"

The person chuckled and continued showering me with kisses. I slapped the nearest thing that was in my reach. I still had my eyes closed so I didn’t see what I hate.

“Oww!! What the hell was that for?!”

“For not letting me sleep!”

I grabbed another pillow and put it over my head to block the light.

“Princess, wake up. We need to go to breakfast before we leave.”

“I don’t want to wake up yet!”

James huffed.

“Either you wake up now or I throw you over my shoulder and drag you downstairs by force.”

I groaned.

“Fine, fine, I’m up I’m up!”

“Too late, now I have to carry down.”

“What?! I’m already up!”

 “You took too long.”

“No, I didn’t.”

I began to scoot away because he was reaching for me.

“Yes; you did. Come here.”

“No, I’ll walk.”

“I’m carrying you either you want to or not.”

I Ended up falling off the bed with a very loud thump.

“Oh shit! Adria are you okay?!”

“Depends, if I say no will you carry downstairs instead of letting them walk?”

He looked at me.

“Well duh! Of course I'll carry you."

"Oh then, don't worry, I'm fine."

He scowled.

“No you're not and you know it."

"James, you are not carrying me to the kitchen. I'm too heavy."

 He chuckled.

“Princess you are not heavy, your as light is a feather.”

Before I could answer I was thrown over his shoulder and he was making his way out of the room.

“James! Put me down!”


“If you don’t put me down there won’t be a sock on our door for a very long time.”

At that moment he stopped.

“You’re not serious are you?”

“I don’t know… Care to try me?”

He slapped my butt and continued to walk.

We got to the kitchen to find everyone’s bags at the door. We were going to the beach for the weekend so everyone wanted to come along, so we agreed. All together we fit in two cars.

In one car were: Adriana, Sara, Natalia, and Teresa along with Jace, Dylan, Jim, and Hunter. In the other car were, Cordelia, Paula, David, Logan, James, and I. It took us two hours to get there. The car ride was fun. We sang to songs and Banged our heads to songs we didn’t know. We told jokes and slept a little.

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