We were cenitmeters apart when my mother opened the door and found us about to kiss. I quickly backed away but found it difficult because I realised James had me by the waist. When did his hands get there?

I tried to push him away but he growled and his grip tightened slightly. My mother was shocked.

"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry Alpha! Please forgive me."

James growled. I tried to get his attention by placing my hand on his cheek. I saw him calm down a bit.

"It's okay Mrs. Walker. Just try to knock louder next time."

He said with a small convincing smile.

"Will do sir. I just wanted to let you know that Adria's bags are already in your car."

She bowed her head and left us alone.

He sighed and looked at me lovingly. I smiled at him. He gave me a kiss on my cheek and stood up.

"Well Princess, Shall we go?"

He asked. I wanted to say no and kick him out, but I couldn't bring myself to hurt him that badly. I nodded my head and tried to stand but I was wrapped in strong arms being hel in a tight embrace.

"I know you don't feel comfortable leaving your parents when you just got here, but you have no idea how happy I am right now. I know I sound selfish saying this, but I can't help it its part of being Alpha."

He chuckled at this. I was put back on my feet. I felt cold without his touch, but I wasn't about to admit that to him. He took my hand and lead me out of my room.

We walked down the stairs and met my parents at the door. My mom had tears in her eyes. I could see she didn't want me to leave but I literally had no choice.

James was perfectly clear when he said I was to live at the pack house. I didn't want to. I hugged my mom and hugged my dad who had a saddend expression.

David was smiling, he always does that. He doesn't like for people to know he is upset. I could see in his eyes he didn't approve of what James was forcing me to do.

After I hugged David, I turned back to James with tear streaked eyes. He tried to give me a hug but I pulled away and left my house slamming hte door behind me. I got in the passenger's seat and waited. I wasn't in the car for 30 seconds before he was already in the driver's seat.

I could see he was angry at me for disrespecting him in front of my family. Frankly I didn't care. I don't deserve to be forced to move away from them.

He sighed and reached for my hand, but I pulled it away. He was getting frustrated with my behavior.

"Are you going to keep this up for the rest of the car ride?"

I huffed and rolled my eyes.

"FIne, be that way."

He huffed. I was staring  out the window when I felt sparks and tingles on my neck. I turned to see he was grabbing it gently. It was meant to be a caring gesture, one I would have been thankful for and even leaned into, but not now, not when I was pissedat him.

I shrugged his hand off only to have him put it on my knee. I was getting frustrated with his need to touch me. I turned to look at him straight in the eyes only to have him glance and look back at the road since he was driving.

"Don't fucking touch me James! I don't want your hands on me right now!"

I slapped his hand away.

By now his eyes were dark and he growled. He pulled over to the side of the road and parked the car. He got out and ran to my side. He opened the door and told me to get out. I didn;t spare him a glance. I kept looking straight forward. 

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