#1: Last Goodbyes

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Adria's P.O.V.

17. That's how old I am today. It's about time too. I was getting sick of being 16. I hear a low rumble being emitted from my chest. I run towards the woods before the change takes over my body. As soon as I get to the woods near the lake I have come to know and love, ducks are floating in the middle looking for something to eat.

I quickly strip down to only my sports braw and shorts, when and excrutiating paing takes over my body and I fall to the ground. My legs were the first to change. The bones snap and change shape for the first time. I scream out in pain as hair starts to grown eerywhere. The rest of my body is snapping and changing shape. My arms were the next to change... I seriously felt like dying. The pain of every first change is unbearable. Thankfully it all soon stops and I am standing on all fours. I walk towards the lake noticing that the ducks that used to be there were long gone. I must have scared them. I went to look at my refelction for the first time.

I look down and see a huge black wolf staring back at me through the refectio. As I saw myself I was unable to recognize myself. Everything was unfamiliar, the only thing that remained the same were my electric blue eyes. Finally! After so long I am proud to call myself officially a fullblooded werewolf. I step back from the lake and trot back to my clothes. I shift back to my human form and run back home just in time for dinner.

My name is Adria by the way. In case you didn;t understan I am a werewolf. Once we turn 17 we change into our wolves for the first time. The first change is excrutiating. The rest are baisically second nature so it doesn't hurt at all. I am the daughter of the Omega of the Eclipse Pack. I'm not a respected person around here.

Once we go through our first change we are able to find our mate. A mate is kind of like our soul mate. It's the one person that is made for us. Only they can make us completely happy. It is possible to reject our mate, but honestly, who would?

I found out my parents were going to be transferred to a new pack tomorrow. All I have been doing for the past couple week is pack, pack and yes, mre packing. I've got  to get some rest because I have school tomorrow and Alpha Brad only gave me 30 mintues to say goodbye tomy friends before I am forced to leave tomorrow.

Around here we Omegas are treated with disrespect but not nearly as bad as in other places. We aren't treated as outcasts or worse. It was kind of okay, I guess. The reason I dread moving away is because I am forced to leave my friends behind.


Mornign came. I get up and change after taking a long pensive shower. You know how people say that some of the most important decisions are made in the showe? Well it's actually true! At least for me it is.

I decided that once we joined the new pack I was ot going to be the same person I am here. When I move I am still going to be an Omega. Which means I will be the lowest of the low. I had to harden myself form all the assholes of the world.

I got out of the shower and decided to wear a black shirt with skinny jeans and black converse. I was okay I guess. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my wavy black hair and blue eyes. I only wore mascara and light lip gloss.

I left for school andmet my friends at the entrance. I had the best friends ever. I didn't really talk to boys. It's not becasue I didn't like them, trust me I like them, it's just thet they never showed a friendly interest in me, they just wanted me for pleasure, I guess you could say. So I just managed to steer clear of boys around school. Some tried to force themselves on me. My friends thank the moon godess helped me get out of those situations. 

My friends were mostly girls. Sara was around 5'5 with tan skin and black hair with dark eyes. She was small compared to me. Adriana was another one of my best friends. She was around my height. Her skin tone was a little tanner than mine. I was transparent, you could actually see my veins through my skin. She had dark brown curly hair. She also had dark brown eyes. Natalia was another one. She was also around my height. She was tan with brown hair and brown eyes. Teresa, for short, her full name was Maria Teresa. She was also one of my best friends. She knew, along with the rest of them, everything there was to know about me. She was 5'4 with blond hair and brownish-green eyes.

I didn't have much time to say goodbye. I was only given 30 minutes before I had to go back home, get in the car and leave to the Silver Crest Pack. It was 3 hours away! I hugged them and they hugged me back. That's when all the tears came. We all cried and promised eachother to talk and text and keep eachother updated.

"Please don't forget about us! You are our best friends and we ahte to see you leave!" Sara said as tears streamed down her face,

"I know! I don't want to leave!" I said as I cried.

I sounded like a blubbering idiot. It was really embarrasing. We cried for the next 20 minutes. Once we stopped I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned to see Kyle. He was the Eclipse Pack's Beta.

"Adria, it's time to go, your parents are waiting for you in the car." He said with a hint of saddness latched to his voice.

"Please call us once you meet the hunk thatid the Alpha of the Silver Crest Pack! He is way HOT! I'd definitly tap that." said Teresa. 

She really know how to lighten the mood. Natalia turned and said

"You know he's a total player right? He only one night stands, every girl has tried to get him to settle, but so far, every single one has been unseccessful."

Adriana nodded and walked up t me and said

"Adria, please be careful around him, if he shows the slightest interest make him work like hell to get it, but don't give in. EVER!"

I hugged Adriana and nodded while laughing. I turned and walked towards the car, unable to look bakc at the people I had to leave behind and along with them the girl I used to be.



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