#2: New Home, Sweet Home

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Adria's P.O.V.

3 hours. 3 God Forsaken, never-ending, eternal, infinite, hours! That's how long it took for us to get to our new pack, or as my mother would like to call it, our "new home". All throughout  the long winding road my mother would NOT STOP talking. I swear if I ever get stuck with her in a car for more than an hour I might just shoot myself. 

Her voice is normal except when she's excited. That's when her voice becomes so high pitched that my ears can't stand it because of our hieghtened senses. Thankfully, I did mange to fall asleep for most o the ride and her neverending rant.

One we arrived at the small town we still had 20 minutes to go before getting to our new house. Since we're werewolves we can;t have humans finding out about us jest yet. THat's why we drove for 20 more minutes until we were deep in the woods. We came to a big clearing where all the houses were. There was one in the middle which was quickly identified as the pack house.

Our house was still a 5 minute drive away, so we kept going. The houses were amazing! They were all huge and white. THey were modernly designed . The entrance to our house was two huge wooden doors. The house had two floors, and I quickly ran down towards the house so I could call a room before my brother could beat me to it. 

I went in wihout helping unload the car. I called the second bigges room which was furthest from the stairs on the second floor. It had a huge window with a window bench under it. The room had a full view of the woods. It all looked so beautiful. Everything was forest green.

My brother's name id David. I know I forgot to mention him earlier, but I hardly ever saw him. Now he will be living with us so I hope I won't forget to mention him that much anymore.

Anyway, as I was saying, David came running to the room but then he saw me.

"Goddammit Adria! This was supposed to be my room!" He said, clearly fuming about me beating him to "his" room.

"Well I already called it, so it sucks FOR YOU!" I smirked.

He simply stomped off as he mumbled a couple of curse words under his breath. I simply laughed.

1 hour later all my boxes were in my room. I had to begin to unpack because I had to start at my new school as a Junior tomorrow. God I HATE SCHOOL! Only hormonal teenge boys and bitchy girls. I was dreading tomorrow.

I started to unpack and walked into the bathroom becasue it conected to my walk-in closet. The bathroom was amazing. It was completely white. Almost all of it was made of marble and mirror. The shower was ginourmous! it was easy to fit ten people in here. I had a sink that was really big along with a counter and drawers that came with it.

I walked to the door that I assumed was the closet. I openedit only to find it was huge! I litteraly could fit Narnia in here! Well not literally, but you get the gist. I squeled in delight. I started organizing all of my clothes. It took me forever!

Thankfully everything fit perfectly. I put my pants on one side; by pants I mean jeans, shorts, sweatpants, skirts, etc. The shirts on the other side. By shirts I mean swaeters, tanktops, crop tops, t-shirts, etc. My dresses were put in a cabnit tht was right across from the door to the closet.

I sighed in contentment when I heard a knock on my door. I jumped, stratled by the sudden noise only to realize it was David. Yeiii!!!! More David!!!! Please note the scarcasm.

"I got all your furniture in your room, did you know it's like really, really heavy?" he said in an annoyed tone.

"No Shit Sherlock. Don't you think it's becasue it's made out of mirrors and metal?"

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