#16: Stolen

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As I left the Pack house I heard James yell after me. I decided to ignore him.

I kept running, out of pure anger at him I shifted.

Running through the forest relaxed me. The wind on my soft fur felt amazing. It motivated me to push harder and run faster.

I was running so fast everything was a blur. Suddenly I was pushed off my feet. I fell on my back and something hard hit my head before knocking me out completely.

All I saw was a large brown walls before darkness consumed me.

When I woke up, I was in a dark cell.

"About time you woke up. I've been waiting for two days!" I gasped.

"Two days?!"

The voice chuckled.

“Yeah, you’ve been out of it for two days.”

Wait a second, I know that voice.

“Do I know you?”

The voice spoke again. “Yes, but only as a friend. In reality I have been in love with you since I saw you walking out of school one day.”

I know who this is. It has to be Alpha Brad.

“Alpha Brad?? Is that you?!”

“Why yes, my dear Adria. It is I.”

He came out of the shadows revealing himself. I hated this man. Every time he saw me he checked me out. I felt violated.

“Why have you taken me? My mate will be looking for me and when he finds me; please note that I said not if, but when he finds that he will kill you.”

Brad chuckled.

“My seat sweet Adria, don’t fret. I mean you no harm. All I want is for you to be my mate.”

He said this is if it were that simple.

“I will never accept you. Besides, I already have a mate, and I love him very much. No one can replace him.”

Holy crap! Did I just admit my love for James? I guess I did and the best part is that it’s true.

“Will see about that my sweet.”

He grabbed my chin rather roughly and kissed me. I didn’t kiss back of course, this man disgusted me.

He was 25. Why the hell was he going after 17-year-old girl. He ended the kiss and grunted.

He left me there on the cold, moldy cell with my ankle coughed to the ground.

“A friend doesn’t leave another friend cuffed to the ground!” I yelled after him.

“You’re right. I’ll tell Kyle to get a room for you.”

I was sitting there for God knows how long. I knew Brad lied about getting the room.

It’s been days. No one has come here. I was getting very weak.

Suddenly I heard the door unlock and unlucky for me, it was Brad.

"Good morning my precious Luna. I hope you had time to think about becoming the Luna of your old pack.” I huffed.

“As if, I’ll never ever except you!”

I felt something searing hot against my left cheek.

He had slapped me. The son of a bitch had the nerve to slap me.

"Fine! Rot in here from all I care!"

He left the cell, slamming the door behind him. I was left alone again. I decided to lay down.

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