Leave Me

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I awake in camp with a scream and tears running down my face. My body was covered in sweat as I sat panting trying to calm my nerves. Every move hurt like hell but if I didnt I wouldn't move I would just break. I pulled my self from the small cot and escaped the space soon realizing I'm in a inn and happily outside with a fresh morning breeze calming my frazzled nerves. Frost and storm appeared next to me nuzzling into me I petted both and walked away tears streaming down my face. Once in the forest nearby I could smell the animals, villagers, boys and the unwanted factor I smelt Drago. I snapped I was done my life was hell only to end saving those I never really knew who always thought they knew best. I felt my self start to hypervenilate as a scream ripped from lips as my fist hit the closest tree over and over not processing the blood or stinging numbness radiating from them. I dropped to my knees releasing a life time of tears hot salty tears rolled like a stream turning my pale face bloachy and red but I didnt care. I was done I wanted the truth but I didn't! I dont know who I am or what I am! I'm no queen I'm far to selfish and far to broken...my arms are covered in self administered scars like my body is covered from the beast of my past. Sobs rocked my body ad the morning dew clung to my gritty skin. I heard footsteps but didnt care as my claws ripped at the sensitive flesh of my wrist , the tears that leaked from my eyes , the silent sobs and pleading noises that fled my grumbling lips, or the blood dripping from wounds of the fight the night before. I wamted peace and only death could bring that but I as much as I desired it I knew I the consequences and would only be sent back as I am unable to officially die. I smelt the boys but no one spoke I hearing them sniffing and rapid steps so I tried to speak but my voice was to cracked I was far to gone for this day. The old me dealt a deadly blow as Drago dug the wound deeper. Aj was in front of me holding my arms stopping my claws that quickly vanished.
Aj pov:
  We obeyed her command the night before running to a nearby cave waiting. We heard long howls and screams of pain till the night was silent then screams errupted through the night we found her shaking in a bawl three miles from us dripping blood. My brother snapped pulling her close attempting to growl at any who came to close he took off to a neighboring forest village who happy treated her. We left to gather our supplies as we raced to accomplish the task of saving her. We were a while out when a faint scream reached our ears picking up our pace. By time we reached the village her beast were pacing nervously. She was not to far off into the woods shaking in a heap clearly crying then the smell of blood coated the air and I broke as I raced to her side breaking at the sound of her croaky , broken, pained voice " stay back no go away ....I'm ok" I heard random growls as I kneeled in front of her gently removing the talons she injected into her wrist. Holding them watching her break into a million piecies infront of me.taking my shirt I ripped off a section and tied it around her bloody wrist that had scars of past incidents much like my own. Once both were rapped I picked her up and carried her back gently laying her on the bed only to lay next to her right side ,my brother at her left , max at her feet and mars on tje floor curled next to us all like a protective bubble. This is probably the only time anyone has ever seen the queen break down the trigger unknown as she is well versed in manipulation and emotional cover up possibly better than her fighting. Soon we all driffted off the only words that struck a chord in us all was her soft voice " forgive my misdeeds ...I tried but I failed as I always do " we scutted closer watching her body stiffen and relax with us so close. Tomorrow a new day and a bad one if I didn't know any better.

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