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Mars pov :
   We managed to escape the blockade a little before noon and followed a fresh pair of prints to the east. The twins rode there wolfs cat and a karnicor thing , jack rode the forest blaze or a faster breed of horse that hold antlers and I rode my drake the quicker of the choices. We raced throught the forest and through the rubble of her home till the prints were unclear and gone completely. We rode till our beast slowed there pace ever so slowly. We stopped by a lake to water and feed them as well as ourselfs. My body laying on the damp ground as jack starts a small fire and the twins tending to the animals. Silence hung heavy as we pondered our own thoughts. Personally I don't see how one individual can make such a ruckess or be so valuable she is just a women for cryin out loud. I was born into this war and lost everything to it my home,my family and my people. Love isnt a word with a war for love is the posiness next of we wish to drink but doe before having. My mate was taken from me as she choose the other side a life of solitude and care giving to the warriors as well as being one her self she died in that life not long after she joined or mated another male. My pain was not pain but a badge I wore but after my forst battle I let it go and formed it to a shield around myself. This wasnt my war but I will do my part to see it end.

Jack pov :
They say we all have a story some good and bad. We are all at the point of being raised in this war the few before of are alive due to a mismade serum that came in fog form prolonging many lifes by numerouse years. That dosent change the fact if your over twenty your lucky over fifty your respected any older and your treated like kings. Women have hidden as a protection measire as a sweep of hell hounds took out millions of the them leaving only a few thousand and more and more die as the days pass. I swore to protect people and I have done nothing but failed. I have lost everyone I cared for all my friends all my mentors my whole village wipped from existence.

Bruno :
Me and my twin wittnesed our familys death and stood by helplessly as we and other village children were taken to the farm as we would come to know it as. Years we trained,killed ,studied and suffered under cruel hands my brother took most of the beatings but I was the killer. Who ever failed was left in my hands to dispose of and make sure they were never to be seen again. I was good at my job it became as easy as pick pocketing. We were there for ten years from six to sixteen where we escaped in a revoult only to become chainers in a group of hired psychopaths. Our jobs stay in the shackles and feed the machines they created out of rotten parts and magic there were others we worked in small ,hot and deadly areas. Many died in the work and were turned into decorations my brother came close taking shrapnel to the head in a generator explosion I was lucky a few broken bones nothing more. We were abondened and deemed unusable so I forged and pillaged nearby villages to care for my brother till we could move we were nineteen then and twenty by time we found the group we are with know. We grew close to the men in the group but we stay distant and to ourselves we barerly speak to each other many consider us mutes but its just our choice.

Aj pov:
  We lost everything and all I cared about was defending the family I never cared for aka my brother as he was all that was left. We were taken and used for about thirteen years. Why he trained to kill I was trained to escape and endure torture as being a distractor aswell as self defence mastery but terrible with weapons and killing. There is much even my brother dosent know about what I have seen, done , and been through. He hides the effects of killing but I know it bothers him. I am the reason our revoult didnt go smoothly and the reason so many died in the process. I tipped off the guards but that didnt help as they had trackers and explosives wired into us my brother new this and took care of them as he protected the youger kids taking many blows of a whip and punch of a bullet without much more than a groan. He has changed as have I but I changed more with the chainer than the farm but still both just as tormenting. We knew of the war but didnt live it we lived a different hell that we cant escape they will be back one day and we will have to face our demons. The crew we are with know are no guarintee of surving so we are always ready to go. So sitting here in the open trying to catch a women I leanred alot about is a relief compared to sitting around waiting for some stupid duty this providies my mind a job to focus on.

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