She's Back

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awoken from her slumber like a coma to find rubble and decayed bodies surrounding her. only thing left a single podium with a crown pinned by a enteric golden sword and a small worn out note " oh red rover red rover will the begotten queen ever awaken or will the war rage on to an eternal slumber....." Shaky legs she stumbles over the edge of her coffin Ripping her dress on the shards of a small broken section. Her mind fuzzy of events soon she realizes her marks remained but her power gone. Adjusting to lights and sounds soon overbeared. as she fell silent at the seen before her. Her legs gave way causing her to fall into the rubble. Crawling not trusting the hunger or legs she found her hidden vault quickly stripping off the dress she through on a battered grey shirt and black skinny jeans with her combat boots while stuffing clothes, important documents and a few weapons before emerging only to find scavengers ducking behind some rubble she scooted closer and closer to the coffin not caring for the crown or sword she grabs the note and breaks for the tree line dodging wolves and bullets.many hours pass before exhaustion takes over and She collapses at the river bank. Pulling out a photo the only one of her and her parents she let her mind wonder to one of the few good memories she has. Slowly she drifts to another time the sound of snapping branches and anger voices go unheared as she struggles to recall the memories. The brief moments of peace before the war when she was off guard and carefree with her parents and her people. Fresh caught deer roasting over the fire to the laughter of the young children and the fresh margarita in her hand. A true smile gracing her face as her parents recounter there good years and time together. Her people dancing and enjoying friends and loved ones. So lost in her thoughts she didn't feel the demons coming nor the men know silently circling her with curious glances. One grabs her bag as two other lift up her thin frame and hold her in position her unmoving or reacting figure causing minor panic. Years of war holds there hearts in ice. They head out back to base knowing she was the disturbance but little did they know who they were holding or her value. Soon they werent walking but running through the forest being chased by every creature even the birds. Bursting into camp there surrounded by the animals of the camp all raging but silenced but a deathly roar and steady beating of hooves. " drop her know idiots " Snow roared through the camp the men did as commanded and moved away just in time as a massive panther hybrid lands in front of the girl and a horse stood behind her nuzzling her neck. Snow the eldest in the camp and the leader soon marched forward vowing before the beast " savaka les mora ona sin marra dreta ( return home she is safe upon my death)" the cat crouching slowly lurked forward sniffing and licking its chomps " you better for the war must esculate to end if she dies again she will not return and you will pay a hefty price " snow jerks into a standing motion walks to the girl nodding to the horse still trying to hide the shock of there communication and love of the stone cold girl before him. Lifting her small frame he whispers quietly " my queen your awake " he walks to his tent laying her and the bag on the bed he walks out to calm animals and the men who found her. Content only they were there he called them in. Rubbing his face he stared at her unmoving form as pain and anguish crossed her features.looking at his men he spoke colder than he ever has " none are to know what tanspired gere this day , where or how she was found will be kept simple found at the birder ill and carried here for treatment. None are to be told that you raced here for your lives for she is the queen and she has awoken lost in a blitz of memory and fried senses. You four will guard ger and watch her while she is here she is your responsibility for know go and rest you will need it tell quake to fetch some extra food and water for a ill guest who will become the cook and cleaner of our group dismissed" the men share a glance before heading different directions. Snow walks to his broken down hand carved chair and watched her face contort in a plethora of emotions her dazed form took the one of a sleeping figure.

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