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Aj pov: Our camp has been on high alert since silver left a few weeks ago

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Aj pov:
Our camp has been on high alert since silver left a few weeks ago. Snow has rampaged but gave in when word of the blood bath acuring all round us hit home. There fight replays in our heads as he stumbles drunkly growling about womens idiocracy and how he should bite his tounge. That was week one by the second he was a spbbing mess and by the third he was back to himself just more pissy. Week four hit and we got word from a traveling clan that a female trapped in another land was deatroying the forest. We had headed the screams and recage coming closer . we were ready for anything but then grew eeriely quiet then it happened and earth shaking ear splitting blood curtling scream that was heard for miles. Snow saddled up with the original four racing toward the scream that finally died. There at the original spot layed a bloody and battered silver hyperventilating unmoving the only sound was a strangled " Drago" a single name that sent ice through our veins and fire to our hearts. We approached her only to hear whimpering closer look was a something sizzling on her forehead her skin burned to the touch. Snow tried to use his ability to chill the area. Ice melted as it touched her skin. Slowly her breathing grew normal as pants grew lighter ,blood stopped flowing and the burning skin started to lower. Soon the forest is surrounding us pushing us away as they craddle and nudge her her eyes finding there's. Then she was up and surrounded by the guardians a man with warriors and the hybrid cat a.d horse they approached her gently lifting her and placing her on the horse who nodded to the man and walked off into the forest leaving us to follow well after the cat spoke with us all saying she was drawing from the connection with silver. We find our way to our camp where the horse holds silvers unsturdy frame the cat passs us with a dead deer that silver gladly takes devouring rather quickly leaving some for the cat. Stepping forward toward the shower in middle of camp she strips bare as the figid water flows creating steam from burning her skin she humms blocking every one out.   Every eye of the guests to the camp members where watching her. She held an air of power as she moved causing the cat to pounce around her purring in delight she swirls the air around her blocking her body from sight only to emerge with bunned hair ,red compression shorts and a black sports bra with a pair of red and black nikes. She spins around humming a tune many don't know. The guest who helped stepped forward kneeling in front of her speaking carefully in another dilect " sa ni Muerta...returin da queen...cumand  id hell o lina ( so your not dead ...return of the queen command in hell or land) " she chuckles walking closer pulling his head up with a finger her tone darker as her eyes bored into his " dreta al lua cumand a mi id incumpana funa mi lomas na Eva HAHAHAHAHA (death to them who thought I was as for I my rule is everywhere for it knows no bounds ...manically evil laughter)" where we shook from her laugh he smiled kissing her knuckles. Leaning closer the man in front of her form she whispered just loud enough for us all to hear " time to train ...killer to killer ,element to elment ,specie to specie, all against me in the end " he rises walking away working quick to divide up the camp into many groups. Me and brother paired against one another he the master of weapons and me the master of hand to hand.  She watched us for a brief time but scoffed and turmed to another group after an hour we all sprawled on the ground as she vanished in a huff of growls clouded in kicked up dirt.

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