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One month has passed and I have left only five times. I did the jobs they assigned during the day and trained alone at night with an old sterio I found.luckily I have gone unoticed as my "caretakers " suck at there job which is funny as snow is pissed every time I leave. My years as a pack slave payed off as I cook and clean for these men. I watch the tensions rise after another attack but this time I intervene. Storming over I shove them back " STOP !!! " I make sure I won't be questioned as I grab the strip sterio turning it up where two reasons turns on making a smirk spread across my lips. Soon my apron is off my pants are shorts and my top is off revealing my scars and sports bra but I didnt care as my hands rose clapping as my hips went left and left shaking up , down , side to side. My chest popping as my feet pounced and popped to the rhythm grabbing the boys to join in. Catching snow watching I make my way over pulling his stiff figure to the center. Laughter fills our space as I place his hands on my hips and mine in his chest " relax big fella" my inner vixen purred. My hips moved as I slowly manipulated the situation so his head was lowered I take the oppurtunity to kiss him deeply exploring his mind, memories , and motivations. He was stiff but quickly replied pulling me closer feeding me much needed energy. The enjoyment was short lived as he shoved me away with a growl " no no NO...I know you ...your rap sheet .." I see the monster rose in his eyes catching me off guard. I stepped back as he smashed the radio shouting about the war we have to face and accepting our roles. Every words stung tears threatened as he started ranting about me but I held them in. He realized what he was saying halfway through as his words caught in his throat but it was to late. Stepping closer I shove him catching his attention as I breath out to orevent the stuttering " say it..FINISH YOUR SENTENCE ...MAN UP AND FINISH" I feel aj and max pulling me back as I scream at him. My lack of strength evident as they took me away from the curiouse glares and shocked faces. Ripping my arms free I feel the transition but fight it biting my my lip to the point blood was tasted. There voices even though were close sounded far as I pushed my self away bolting to the forest after a mile I lost the battle and shifted more painful than the first time. Slowly my body completes every transition when it was done I was covered in sweat as my marking felt like fire pulsing all over my skin. When I managed to stand I sent a link to below and to any loyal to me still alive. Soon I found my self hunting a small clan of rouges leaving them all slaughtered and myseld covered in blood. My strength almost restored but still low I spent my night hunting and feasting like I did when I first went wild. This past month was spent reflecting know its time for action.

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