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Snows pov:
Screaming is how I wake up and for once it wasnt from a nightmare of my mate dieing but from the girl in my bed. I see my men armed and looking at her with hungry eyes my growl snapped them back. " back down men back to your positions" they shrug and head out used to passerbyers just not female ones by know. I walk closer and pull down the blanket to see her soaked in sweat what I wasn't expecting was to be tackled and kissed a kiss that took most my energy. She was soon against the far tent wall growling with brighr red eyes. I slowly stand with raised hands trying to show I wasnt a threat. I tossed a bag of blood hoping it might help as she caught it with ease and devoured it within seconds. We stood starring the only sound was her panting growls and my steady breathing. I watched her stretch and pop out kinks as her fangs shinned bloody and sharp causing me to step back. Her eyes back to their enchanting mix of blue and silver folloe my movements as mine watched her her multicolored hair shinning as it tumbled into her face. Clearing her throat she spoke softly but clearly agitated " where am I? Who are you? What do you want? Where is Zack? Where is my bag?" I quickly process her questions as I stand straight I see her eyes flick back and forth processing everything. I breath deeply " you are the devils daughter queen of all...yes? The women who was protected for a hundred years well almost till three years ago things changed as a night attack occured and many lost there lifes or were taken captive all rang out a battle cry that ran through the night that held many supporters to this day. Honored then and know for heroics unbeknow in there dam tourtered and betrayed only to sacirifice yourself...anyway  The war we fight is a struggle to feed day by day and protect not only ourselfs but other camps where we send women to rest...yes my queen women do fight still just not all of them or as many out of safety...anyway we are the wayward camp of all men an elite unit of fighters trianed and left by the war weary brutes you could call it. You are in my tent as you arrived unconciouse or in a trance from one to the other quite quickly as for Your bag with your goods that remain untouched lay beside you on the bed. I don't know of any Zack there is no one by that name here and again its been a hundred plus years my queen I am one of the few who still know of for me I want nothing more than to honor a promise to protect the queen and Snow that is my name" Her eyes bore into mine " a hundred years impossible I can't be alive there lie" she shouts my reply stupidly was to growl which turned into a massive argument on rank and strength. That ends with me thrown from my tent ,through another and landing in the center of our compound. Looking around the guys are looking at me puzzled " you ok snow " jack asked but I nod him off as I pull myself up shaking off the dirt. Tensing up as I can sense her but dont see her , the smell of vanilla wafted through the air like a tourterous nector. I slowly spin in circles trying to find her as curiouse glares penetrate my back. Stares soon turn to gasp as she launches over my head yanking me by the shoulders face first into the dirt while she lands silently flexing her fingers and other variouse muscles " speak if dishonor is like licking a vanacrafuna ( imagine something gross)" she launches as I weave just in time avoiding her claws. I try to call out by the name we were taught " calm down Rosalie " I try to speak but end up catching a fist to the jaw. She trys again but I catch it and pin her to the floor losing to my wolf who took control growling the ancient languge" dreta de familia (death to the family) wuka mita las vesa cun warra di no muerra (who speaks of dishonor in a time of war or none) " she calms down but slips from my grasp and takes to the forest with a silent leap. A growl fills the camp as my mumbled words form a command " Dam women gonna get me killed ...boys find her and bring her back this is her home temporarily. we have much to discuss oh and Darnell head to west and talk with dean and Sam about the girl we have and how I request a meeting be back in three nights or be thought dead and leave this night by midnight" they all nod dispersing as I work to clean up the mess of our brawl and attempt to figuere the words I spoke.

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