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Three weeks since I left the camp because of the fight between snow and I. His words on reply through my mind making my mental stability weaker than it already is. He stopped trying to find me which is good as I went on a killing spree. There was a pack of mutts sent to hunt me down well lets just say they got a bight but I got a heart or three. The men they sent to inform on me well I watched them treek to the camp creating small havoc around them. That angered snow which made my day. I left again only to get dizzy while flying causing me to crash land with a massive headache. A voice broke through my walls with a laugh " love you cant hide from me" the dark voice sent chills down my spine. The surroundings shifted from lush beautiful forest to a dark rocky room with torches to light it a single stone pillar stood in the middle holding a dark sight crystal and on the wall behind was a ten grand stair high throne all made of stone and chain. The throne was enticing and macificent the arms massive and curled over as the top curled in and pointed out in a spiked way as intricate and delicate patterns ran through the structure almost like a story. Nost supprising was the rustling of chains and blurred images scampering around the floor only clear image was of the man in the gloriouse throne his hands clasped infront of his face blocking most of his face but his stormy red eyes and midnight locks held me captive as I was curiouse of where I was and what was going on. His gaze was hot as mine wandered the walls , floors and what I asume where blurry faces. Broken windows all barred up matched the torn blood bathed banners that look ready to fall at the slightest gust. When I fiished I looked to him only to feel weights on my body I look down and see my wrist are shackled and my forest clothes are gone and are replaced with a stunning form fitting off the shoulder small v-drop by the cleavage black gown that pulled at my feet with a patch of lace overlay perfectly paired with black suade red bottom four inch heels. My hair pulled to the left as one sided curled dew. Due to reflection of the orb I could spot small teardrop silver laced dimonds on my ears and a five layered silver star and moon necklace . makeup was stunning blood red lips with a neutral yet bold Smokey eye. Stumped by the beaity I realize what is wrong my scars and markings are gone causing a plethora of emotions to bubble up. When my voice returned I spoke harsher than intended " why blurr some but show so much? Where am I and why am I dressed like this?" The reply was a rumbling emotionless laugh " think back welcome the memories love " when I looked back the walls were clean and vibrant the chains and rotting flesh smell gone the windows clean and no bars were present. The banners hung high and clean the logo visibal with the logo of a blood drop with a sword through it. The torches stood linning the walls all lite the blurred shapes cleared into hundreds of servants and warriors layered in shinny scratched and slightly dented armor. The man from before stood shaking with blue eyes looking at me with love and admiration " there coming baby don't do this we can win we can show them a different life" his voice held pain and hope but the reply bored and sacastic " no my dear this field will be leveled as I lead my fighters when the armor is bloody the war is on our and I are not meant to be your a good boy who hasn't suffered im a bad girl with years of pain behind her....MARCH MEN MARCH" a sinister chuckled mixed cackle left my blood red lips but not mine as my current body was overhead and the scene below looked over a thousand years old. The one looking like me was soon shackled where the orb know stands and injected with a strange red substance " anciet ox blood" the dark voice filled for me soon a blade laced whip dropping golden particles " sand of time " I swear that voice needs to get out my dam head. That thought earned a sultry dark chuckle " as thy lady desires" soon the image returns to a tear faced man using the whip to emd the one who matched my features almost to a T. I feel my comsciouse snap back hard and quick every thing erruots in a overwhelming stream of senses I find my self back in the forest dripping blood from many pores as my body shakes in pain one pulse after another each worse than the last only difference was I seemed to be where it all started the river.

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