Nightmare or Reality

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My paws thundering through the forest as he appeared infront of me younger and frail dripping tears " my love please " a sick laugh surrounded us crummbling the forest like a sand castle. surrounding my wolfs body. With ash till the man was in my face shot down by an arrow " neive boy " rang a angered women's voice before something knocked me into a nerby tree shattering it on impact. We stood whimpering from the pain the laughter seemed to be everywhere as the women who resembled me appeared cloaked in a tight fitting dress cut up from the hip to ankle all the way around and most the top just red lace. Her smile sickened me made me feel dirty and weak but she was me I was her. She snaps her fingers forcing my body to shift back painful my screams made her smile wider as her her one arm sat on the across her body tapping her chin while a sinister look held her eyes. When my body was human again she came closer grabbing my chin forcing me to look at her " one soul two lifes destined to be pained with a war you fight to protect I fought to take after mother I took after father truly evil...when the time comes will you be ready or will you break " I somehow found my self backed into another tree every step I took back she came forward till my back hit the tree and she touched my forehead earning a gut wrenching scream from my lips as if my soul was being ripped from my body. Visions of a life not my own flashed before my eyes as if it wear a wheel of death. A young girl runs about happily chased by the wolfs of her pack howling playfully at the moon. Red eyes peeled from the forest like blinkers soon the snowy white ground turned blood red as howls turned to screams of fear and pain humdreds of wolfs spilled from the forest devouring every sight of happyness eliminating the pack from existences. The image faded black awakening me in a cell only to be tourtered for hours on end for years slowly loosing sense of self then a bloody girl stood above the rouge alpha laughing cynically. Then the same image of the man namwd Drago and her meeting and growing closer till she was betrayed and war ragged stopping with her heart roasting in the flames. My screams were hers the pain she felt I felt her life was my my own. Then it ended and she was in front of me with a whip and my body tied to a tree stripped of clothing every lash a memory of my own replayed dragging me back to the darkness I found comfort in so long ago. Maybe people Can't change..maybe this war will end bloody and pointless.. Maybe we are the same our pain the same our desires simillar or are they the same? Dreeary black clouded my vision before I was a lump of bloody skin on the forest floor left with a feeling of dread as her maniacal laugh filled my ears like a broken record.... 

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