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Through Generations of Darkness (Demon Deku by TheFreakyWeeb
Through Generations of Darkness ( TheFreakyWeeb
Izuku Midoriya was meant to be quirkless. But then a boy shows up and changes his life forever. He gives him his power and he transforms into what he truly is. But is th...
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Naruto - Generations by xX_Fang_Xx
Naruto - Generationsby 🌸Fang🌸
When Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha are trying a new and forbidden jutsu, they and their parents are sent back in time to when Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Uchiha, Hinata Uz...
Reincarnated and Transferred by Kurokoki
Reincarnated and Transferredby Plotting•Vixen
Reese, a 16-year old brunette female teen and a die-hard Hitman Reborn! Fan, is met with an untimely end. But being shot, and supposedly 'Transferred' to her favourite a...
Mine to Take (A Boruto Love Story) by Eclair_Designs
Mine to Take (A Boruto Love Story)by Eclair_Designs
Yuna Katayama is new to Konoha and a formidable kunoichi from her village. After an intense battle between the Seventh Hokage's son and another shinobi, the village was...
Potters in 2020s by GWpotterhead
Potters in 2020sby Zoe is on Hiatus
This a story where you can see how the Potters, Weasleys and their friends are doing in 2020 , that is during the COVID-19. The story is an inspiration I got from @Hinny...
Fairy Tail: Black Blood [Book 2/2] by BookwormSid1015
Fairy Tail: Black Blood [Book 2/2]by Bookworm
(Most of the characters in this book belong to Hiro Mashima, please support the official release)(Beware of excessive cussing) --------- Life is full of...
Dork Diaries: Dorky Daughter (4) by SecondRound
Dork Diaries: Dorky Daughter (4)by SECOND ROUND
The dorky torch has been passed on. And so we follow the story of Nikki's daughter Renée. Nikki was involved in some major drama back in middle school BUT! That is only...
The New Generation(Lion Guard Fanfic) {Book Two} by FoxTrapBand
The New Generation(Lion Guard FoxTrapBand
The New Generation of the Lion Guard led by Kiara and Kovu's son, Koda with Kion and Una's son, Tanabi. Sequel to The Lion Guard's New Member. [COMPLETED] DISCLAIMER: I...
-BEYOND- An Avenger Fanfic by ElementWolf509
-BEYOND- An Avenger Fanficby Andromeda
I raced through the streets as the Avengers took pursuit. This was before I was a Stark. Before I wasn't a criminal. I was an assassin for HYDRA. Trained since four, dep...
Halley by live_life_with_books
Halleyby Em
Book 3 in the Generations Series '"We have got some big shoes to fit into Jamesie, we are holding the legacy of the Marauders, and Fred and George on our shoulders...
Cardfight!! Vanguard: Generations Volume 1.5 [Dr Yukimura] by 8mefox
Cardfight!! Vanguard: Yza vi Britannia Emo-kun
The first .5 volume of the award-winning light novel fan-fiction based on the popular "Cardfight!! Vanguard" series! Original illustrations included!! WHAT GOE...
Total Drama Random by totaldramatiffany
Total Drama Randomby Tiffany Cardosa
Yep just random things total drama related
Sky High:Warren Peace is in love? by kiddolovesbooks
Sky High:Warren Peace is in love?by kiddolovesbooks
freshman at sky high Rose Williams is emo and on the first day of school she catches the eye of sky highs one and only hothead Warren Peace son of Byron Battle a super v...
M¡takes (Naruto: Boruto Next Generation Fanfic) by CiarraUchiha
M¡takes (Naruto: Boruto Next CiarraUchiha
He was a mistake. He knew that. Yet, he couldn't help but thank whoever brought him into this world. He knew he was a burden to them, or something of the sort. He was le...
Miyu Uzumaki (Boruto's Twin Sister) by Bielby151204
Miyu Uzumaki (Boruto's Twin Sister)by Bielby
Miyu is the twin sister of Boruto and Daughter of Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki. She, unlike her brother, is rather calm and collected. She thinks that Boruto's pranks are a...
Twins & Bestfriends: Second Gen. by GoldenNarratives
Twins & Bestfriends: Second GoldenNarratives
Do not read if you haven't Read the first two books. Twins & Bestfriends: Thug Love (Book 1) and Twins & Bestfriends: Thug Harmony (Book 2). You will not understand so p...
Cardfight!! Vanguard: Generations Volume 2 [Zyriot War] by 8mefox
Cardfight!! Vanguard: Yza vi Britannia Emo-kun
Volume 2 of the award-winning light novel fan-fiction based on the popular "Cardfight!! Vanguard" series! Original illustrations included!! THE FIRST OFFICIAL...
Generations (a knb fanfic) by MiecoDeecy
Generations (a knb fanfic)by Mieco Deecy
What if, Kuroko had a son and a daughter? Not only that, but he also has a secret to hide from them. They had won the winter cup. But then, the happiest night of Kuroko...
Male reader x Monster Hunter Generations by Kaizako
Male reader x Monster Hunter Kent Jayden
A Fanfic About Monster Hunter X A Young Teen who is the Top 1 Hbg User in The world Helping out The New Hunters, But Suddenly Fought An Unknown Monster Nearly Dy...