Moving forward

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Sarahs pov:
We left panting with sweat rolling off our bodies but we succeed in gaining the first part of the key. We hiked around the mountain and by 10: 30 we reached mars with jelly limbs our powers and special abilitys barerly kicking back in. Surerly he was ready but no he fell asleep loosing the animals and allowed an highly unwanted guest into the fold. I felt my muscles tense as the others rolled out there muscles and popped different joints sharing hushed words but I was hanging back waiting pursing my lips I let out a low whistle calling for my protectors as well as alerting the forest. I crouched down low allowing the earth to show me those that are in the area the steady thumps of hearts the ranging levels of breathing and the multiple sents all molding showing me me views from many sets of eyes and over head locking on a fast paced pack of rouges and Drago. Another low whistle I sent a flock of crows into attack on the pack and gathered the wandered animals. Snapping back to my body I looked around and all eyes were on me " we move know" they nod seeing there mounts they check there equipment and mount " head south to the pass but dont go over go over " they wanted to speak you could see it in there tightened jaw and quizeitive eyes but said nothing as they finally smelled what I knew " Go Know " with a whistle there creqtures lurch forward taking them in the opposite direction of our true route but a protective measure. Focusing on my body and energy I focus on being thinner , translucent, unseen and that's what I did misting into a cloud of black smoke that I focused on blending into clear and I managed but I knew not for long. I hide in plain sight as the wolfs stopped around me sniffing and growling trying to find the scent they were after 'Me'. He new I was here and I felt it the electricity was hard not to notice. Loosing strength I was revealed in middle of the wolves only to hear his cinical laughter and cringe worthy voice that felt like velvet " hello my love are you going to join me yet " I growled as he smilled wider with a dangerouse dance in his eyes his subtle head nod was all it took for me to be overwhelmed by wolfs. He laughed as they slashed and bit at my skin " so weak what I was till you broke me well now I break you into the obdient little mate after I subdie you I will end those you sent away ...not like you could protect them anyway" that hit deep but he was right and he new it but I wouldnt give up without a fight so I shifted my colorful shinny wolf felt different and sure enough I was I was leaner yet larger as we stood eye to eye a good shoulder taller than his mutts and my fur a solid shinning silver with black and white stripe * we evolved in the slumber* I nod as I work quick slaughtering the multiole rouges every one I killed did nothing as my back leg was bloody and partly broke as they all attacked my hide quarters " mmm yummy some new scars don't you think mate " he snarled as more of his wolfs died bloodily. Three remained and cirlced me as I moved my massive wolf head to catch there snarls and snaps but he called them off allowing me an easy kill leaving me and him alone separated by a mere ten feet. I growl as I spoke into his mind " why won't you move forward be free die ir find a new lover who is no longer I" he chuckled grabbing his stomach as if it was the greatest joke but sobbered up and answered " why move on when I can conquer all and gain the resoect I deserve making them crumble and beg at my feet " his eyebrow raised as if a hint that his words held another reference that I couldn't understand. I stood with a wall of emotions facing his broken and angered one, two hurt souls with an intertwinded past that will evolve in the coming future. I dropped my head " we will meet again soon but today accomplished nothing more than an agreement theres more you want me to know before you kill me ....but so help me you touch those I care for or the few that hold any meaning in my bleak distance...HAHAHA  watch and you will see I will make whatever in the past look like heaven " snapping my jaws to infasie my point. I walked back further before charging and leaping over his head heading west for three miles ignoring the stinging of my paw or the pain of my other wounds his creepy bone chilling laughter filled the forest. I would find out the past to understand and grow for my future if I was to die I would do it fighting and knowing the truth the whole truth.

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