Chapter 5

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Author: How I wish more people would read this just so they can vote for pairings.

3rd Pov

A few days have passed after Y/N got into Rias' peerage. Everyone in the club praises his cooking for it makes them feel better throughout the day. But what makes him feel uneasy is, every time Akeno ate his food, she feels, aroused...

Y/N Pov

I'm sleeping soundly in my bed until I heard noise in my room.*sigh* It's probably nothing. I'm having a great dream about a delicate hand caressing my face like what a mother would do to her child until...

???: Y/N! 

I woke up and turn on the lamp at the side of my bed. It's Rias.

Y/N: *sigh* What do you want this time? A different cuisine? 

Rias: No! Not that! Please take my virginity! Just a quick in and out and I'll be ruined.

Y/N: You do know I'm not into this kind of stuff right? Why can't you just find Issei?

Rias: Wait. You're right! Thank you so much! *pecks my cheek and disappear*

Y/N: What is wrong with her?

Out of nowhere a grey portal appear, revealing a silver-haired woman wearing a maid uniform. Another woman with a weird fetish? What has happened to my quiet life?! 

???: Please, Rias you shou-*sees me* Oh I'm sorry who are you?

Y/N: I'm Y/N Kawajiri, Rias' pawn.

???: Kawajiri... I heard that name before! Are you the son of Mika Kawajiri?! *eyes sparkling*

Y/N: Ummm, yes?

???: Oooh!!! I'm a big fan of hers! Would you si-*noticed her act**cough* sorry that is very unprofessional of me. I look up to your mother as my idol. By any chance, do you know where did Rias go?

Y/N: Oh. She went to Issei's house. 

???: Thank you. Oh and my name is Grayfia Lucifuge, it's nice to see the son of my idol. I shall take my leave. Have a good night sleep, Mr. Kawajiri. *disappears*

Well, that is interesting. I turn off the lamp and went back to sleep.

*Timeskip to tomorrow after school*

Yare, yare, those bastards at class sucks at cleaning. Don't they have any cleaning experience?! *sigh* I'll probably get an earful from Rias, or even worse, have my salary cut.

Y/N: Sorry I'm la-*sees a lot of people in the room* we have guests? *sigh* More cooking that means.

I walked past everyone while the guests are staring at me I walked past one of the guests and for some reason I felt rivalry between me and her.

I walked to the kitchen and began cooking. *sigh* I'm lazy today so I might as well use magic.

Riser Pov

Who the hell is that kid? Is he one of Rias' peerage? Well of course he is, but I feel something terrifying about that kid. 

Riser: Rias, who is that boy?

Rias: That is my pawn and private cook, Y/N.

Riser: You hire your pawn to be your cook?

Rias: Don't let that face fools you. He rivals the best chef in the underworld I can bet you that.

The boy later came out of the kitchen and served some bites.

The amount that he made is unbelievable! It's more than enough for everyone in this very room!

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The amount that he made is unbelievable! It's more than enough for everyone in this very room!

Y/N Pov

Y/N: *puts down the bowl* Osomatsu.

I walked and pull out a chair so that I can sit and read my newspaper.

Damn, can't they enjoy the food quietly?!

I kept reading until I heard Issei's gear activates. That is when I knew a fight is about to happen.

In one swift motion, I grabbed the stick that is about to hit Issei and grabs Issei's fist.

Everyone in the room was shocked by my sudden swift action.

Y/N: When the food on the table isn't finished yet, don't even think about fighting. Don't both of you learn table manners? *purple aura starts flowing out slowly and yet, dangerously*

*clap* *clap* *clap*

I turn to the person sitting beside Rias.

???: What a fine show you put on. How amusing. 

I put down both of their weapons.

Y/N: I believe I didn't get your name yet.

???: *chuckle* How rude of me, my name is Riser Phenex. These girls at my right-hand side of the room are my peerage. Rias, since you have an interesting pawn by your side, I'll give you a chance. How about a rating game?

Issei: A rating game?

Grayfia: A rating game is a competition between two peerages.

Riser: Since you are my fiancee, Rias, let me give you a ten days handicap so that you can train your peerages.

Rias: I accept your invitation.

Riser: Good, I shall see you in the rating game.

Then fire comes out of the floor and envelops Riser and his peerage and they disappear.

Y/N: What a shame.

Everyone looks at me.

Asia: What is it Y/N-kun?

Y/N: There still a bunch of popcorn chicken left. It'll be bad if I thro-

Everyone: It won't be a waste at all for we will finish it!


Rias: Alright everyone, we will start the training tomorrow morning.

                                                                             TO BE CONTINUED

Author: Man just found Digimon X - Evolution and I am going to watch it! Hope you guys enjoy this chapter! Also, thank you to those who read this story! Bye! *runs off*


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