Chapter 17

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Y/N Pov

I wake up to see Xenovia sleeping on top of me. *sigh* Why does some people like to- wait, is that her hand on my chest?! N-no way! Suddenly, my breathing started to get heavy. I want to feel the hands so much myself! I grabbed her hands and put it on my cheek, caressing with it. It feel so... satisfying...

???: Umm, Y/N? What are you doing?

I open my eyes to see Xenovia awake! I quickly throw away her hand from my cheek.

Y/N: Umm, good morning! I-I am just... umm...

Xenovia: Do you like my hands? *blushes*

Y/N: Ummm, no? 'Damn it! I want to say yes but it's too weird for her!'

Xenovia: It's ok, you can do whatever you want with it!

S-H-I-T! This is getting weird! Too weird!

Y/N: Ummm, get ready! I'm cooking breakfast!

I quickly get up and run out my room.


Cat: Bye! Save travels Y/N!

Xenovia and I walk to school. Let just say that the entire walk is quiet and awkward.

Xenovia: Y/N, I want to tell you something...

Y/N: What is it?

Xenovia: Do you like me?

Y/N: As a friend? Yes.

Xenovia looks down as if she is sad. I have feelings for her, which is true. But I love Akeno too. I'm trapped. I don't know who to choose...

We arrived school and boys just glare at me as I walk in.

Boy 1: Tch, just how many girls he attracted?!
Boy 2: Man! That girl is cute! Why?!
Girls: Aww! Not another one!

As I was walking, some punks blocked our path. *sigh* Can this day get any worse.

Punk 1: Hey girl~ wanna come with us? We can give you a real good time~
Punk 2: Yeah~ Why don't you leave this nerd alone, and come with us~
Punk 3: Is he bothering you? We can beat the carp out of him you know?
Punk 4: Man! Her tits are fucking big! I wanna suck it like I'm a baby!
Punk 5: Her ass too! Man! I wanna grope it so much and listen to the sound of it smacking against me as I fuck her!

My eyes twitched. This bastards. They really don't know what manners really means, do they? Xenovia is about to say something until I cut in.

Y/N: Manners *loosens tie*, maketh *rolls up sleeve*, man *glares at them*. Do you guys know what that means?

Punk 1: As if we care! Do you think after seeing you loosen up yourself, we will be afraid?!

Students started to surround us and some whispering could be heard.

Boy: 'Man, he is fucked.'
Boy 2: 'You bet he is.'
Girl: 'They're gonna beat him into a bloody pulp!'
Girl 2: Someone call the student council!

Xenovia: *Pulls my shirt* 'Forget it Y/N, let's leave.'

She still worries about me. She is afraid that this is going to be just like last time.

Y/N: *smiles at her* It's ok.  I'm different now. *looks at punks* Sorry, I forgot animals like you are too stupid to understand what a human says.

Punk 1: Tch. *smiles* Don't get too cocky nerd! *charges towards me, winding up for a punch*

Y/N: *sigh* Amature, why are people afraid of you again?

I parry the attack and did a Dempsey Roll and finish it with an uppercut, knocking him out. The other 4 stare in shock.

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