Chapter 18

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Y/N Pov

I walk towards the house of my client. It's the same house that Issei and I went before. If that overgrown chicken is thinking about doing something, I'll fucking blast him with TNT. *knock* *knock* *knock*

???: Come in~

I open the door to reveal him, Azazel, the head of the Fallen Angels.

Y/N: Killer Queen. Alright chicken, what do you want this time. You better say it quick or I'll make sure you Bites The Dust. (Sorry, I have to)

Azazel: Woah, Woah! Calm down! I just call you up to play some video games with me!

*A few moments later*

Y/N: I can't believe you have Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle...

Azazel: The anime, manga, and the game are literally full of manliness!!! How can you not get it?!

Y/N: I'm busy with school stuff. Speaking of school, I'm going. I can't be late for school.

Azazel: W-wait! Just one more match alright?! Please?!

Y/N: *sigh* Fine just one more.

Azazel: Alright! Come on! Pick your character!

I search around and decided to use Kira Yoshikage. Azazel picks Josuke Higashikata: Part 8.

Video: Open the game!

Azazel: Your mother's artificial sacred gear is pretty neat I should say...

Y/N: What are you going to do about it? Take it from me? Not a chance.

Azazel: Take it from you? Pft! I call that bullshit. I'll never take away something that doesn't belong to me.

Y/N: But you are tempted, aren't you?

He kept quiet and the game goes on.



Asia: What happen Y/N? Are you sleepy?

Y/N: Nope. In fact, it's the other way around. What's with the parents today?

Asia: Oh! The parents are coming here to look at their children's work in class!

Y/N: Well, my parents are dead...

Sona: That's very sad to hear... I'm sorry...

Y/N: It's alright. By the way, who is coming-

???: *gasp*

I turn around to see her

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I turn around to see her... it's her! S-H-I-T! I'm sweating bullets right now!

Sona: Oh! Y/N, this is my sister, Serafall Leviatha-

Serafall: Y/N!!! I miss you so much!

Memories of her training me using magic came back. The horror. The horror!

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