Chapter 10

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Author: Well, I'm back. Sorry for the long wait. You know, school and missing some ideas. And distractions. And... Holy shit! 600 views?! That's pretty insane for me! Thank you guys sooooo much for reading this book. I really appreciate it. Anyway, on to the story.

Y/N Pov

*yawn* Another great, fresh, and satisfying day for me, Y/N Kawajiri. I made some pacts yesterday night by having an online cooking class, and people love it! Bunch of people from all around the world, watching how I cook, it's so satisfying, seeing great comments and reviews sent by everyone who watches it, it makes me happy.

I also made a new friend from Naples. He also says that he wants to see me face to face, and him paying for the plane ticket? I'm delighted! He says that I could call him when I felt like going there so that he could send me the plane ticket. Hmm, just imagining the ingredients I can get there makes me want to cook! Anyway, I should probably start cooking for breakfast.

*time skip*

I cooked servings for three. One for me, Cat, and Rias. Rias will be coming over she said, but she is late. I wonder what happened to her. *ding dong* Speak of the devil, here she is. I opened the door and invite Rias in. 

Rias: Good morning, Y/N. How is your day?

Y/N: Other than having good sleep, everything else is fine.

Rias: Oh? Did you finish cooking already? That is fast.

Y/N: Yes I did. And today is a special menu.

I move aside to let Rias see today's menu.

I move aside to let Rias see today's menu

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Rias: Oh? A Cantonese dish?

Y/N: I learned it from the internet. Apparently, a viewer of mine shared this recipe with me. It's a pretty common food in his country.It can be found in almost every Chinese restaurant. He is from Malaysia I believe.

Rias: *looks at the other plate* Who is it for? *points at the third plate*

Y/N: That'll be for my familiar. Stray Cat!

I summoned her out and she stretches her body while yawning.

Cat: Good morning, Y/n! Oh? Who is this?

Y/N: This is Rias, the president of the school's Occult Research Club, also, my King.

Cat: Nice to meet you! Anyway, shouldn't we start eating? You'll be late for school!

Y/N: Oh you're right. Well, what are you guys waiting for? Let's dig in!


I am walking with Rias to school. Cat decided to stay at home and take care of the place while I'm away. I just hope that she won't destroy the place while I'm at school.

Rias: So, Y/N.

Y/N: Yes?

Rias: Have you ever fell in love before?

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