Chapter 8: I'm back, bird brain

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Author: Whew. You'll never know the struggle that I have when it comes to writing this story. Truth to be told, I didn't watch Highschool Dxd before. But when I heard it has some mythology stuff in it, I actually became interested in it. So, to know what actually happens accordingly, I have to go to a website and take a look at the arc so I can continue writing without even need to watch the anime itself. Anyway, back to the story.

Y/N Pov

What the. Why am I in a bed? Wait a minute, where's Rias? Why is Asia here? Where are Issei and the others?

Asia: Y/N! You're awake! Please, you've got to help Issei! He just went to Riser's wedding!

Wedding? Wait, the game! We lost...

Y/N: Asia, do you know how to get to the party?

???: I can help you with that.

I turn around and met with Grayfia.

Grayfia: Rias' brother, Sirzech, gave you an invitation to Riser's wedding.

Y/N: So, he is planning to crash it?

Grayfia: That dragon just went. You won't be missing anything if you are fast enough.

Y/N: If Issei failed, I'll be taking his place.

Grayfia: So, are you ready to go?

Y/N: Let me change first.

Y/N: Let me change first

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Y/N: Alright. Now, let's go.

I took the invitation and was teleported to the underworld, in front of Riser's house.

Guard: Hey, who the hell are yo-

3rd Pov

Issei is lying on the ground in pain. All hope was lost when suddenly an explosion was heard from the outside. Every devil turns their heads to the door. The sound of explosion got nearer and louder.

Yubelluna: No. No not him! Not him again!

The door was suddenly pushed open forcibly and two guards came flying out into the room. A figure in white walked into the room casually with his sacred gear equipped.


Yubelluna: Y/N!

Riser: Huh?!

Yubelluna: Riser! It's him! He is the one that defeated me! He is the son of the Killer Queen!

Everyone: Killer Queen's son?!

Devil: He is the son of Killer Queen?!

Devil: He looks so handsome~.

Y/N: Quiet! Riser, I'm here to challenge you to a rematch.

Riser: You think you are big shot after defeating my Queen? Don't make Riser laugh.

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