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Riptide ~ Vento Aureo x Reader by Jilxamaz
Riptide ~ Vento Aureo x Readerby Jillx🍊👽
Y/N L/N, a pretty shy 16-year-old weeb who has just recently finished JJBA: Vento Aureo. When she wakes up and finds herself in Italy, she didn't know the dangers that w...
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[Y/n]'s Bizarre Adventure | Stardust Crusaders by kazumawrites
[Y/n]'s Bizarre Adventure | ☆ Kazuma ☆
[Jotaro Kujo x Reader] ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Jotaro Kujo has been your friend for a long time, but bizarre things begin to occur unexpectedly. Suddenly, you find yourself on a journe...
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Leone Abbacchio x Reader...? by LeonesRightNipple
Leone Abbacchio x Reader...?by hee yaw
So uh yeah, I think I'm gonna go with this one May 26th 2020: #1 in Abbacchio May 26th 2020: #6 in Jojosbizarreadventure
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Cold Heart Beat (Dio x Reader) by Anti-SocialFangirl
Cold Heart Beat (Dio x Reader)by Anti-SocialFangirl
This is a Dio x Female Reader. You were an old friend of Jonathan's. You two had practically grown up together because of your parents' friendship but it had been a whil...
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I'm not gay! || Joseph x Reader by notStraizo
I'm not gay! || Joseph x Readerby watch yo jet!
"I dare you and Joseph to kiss!" "For a minute." "For a minute!" You're moving into your new dorm and you're greeted with two men... On top...
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Changeling-Giorno Giovanna x Reader by altreality
Changeling-Giorno Giovanna x Readerby walternatereality
Y/n, by all accounts, does not exist. All the better for someone who's running from both sides of the law. When she meets Giorno Giovanna, a man almost as secretive as h...
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jjba groupchat  by obamaslefttiddie
jjba groupchat by emma
jonathan makes a groupchat god this is gonna get so chaotic #1 in jotakak
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Jojo Memes to Sooth the Soul by frostwae
Jojo Memes to Sooth the Soulby kono frosty da
a little compilation of jojo memes because i have too many and none of my irl friends understand them 😔😔😔
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Covet ➸ Jotaro Kujo by shookiebrando
Covet ➸ Jotaro Kujoby нαιℓεy♡
It had been almost 10 years since your husband left you and your daughter, but that didn't change how much you still thought about him. You were madly in love with him...
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[⚕️] My goddess from the future || Giorno Giovanna by Billybobo5
[⚕️] My goddess from the future || Maria ✨
▫️While sleeping, you are suddenly teleported to the Roman Empire era by an unknown force; but not to your world's ancient empire, i'm talking about a Roman Empire from...
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Little Stars | jjba reader x kid jojos by Elvisa88
Little Stars | jjba reader x kid Elvisa88
You wake up to realize your memories are gone and you have to look over five very special boys. (Fem! Reader)
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Take my hand (okuyasu x Reader ) by Erina_Zeppeli
Take my hand (okuyasu x Reader )by Erina_Zeppeli
Okuyasu x Reader DISCLAIMER: I do not own Diamond is Unbreakable or it's characters, I do own the alterations in this book as well as any added characters. Pictures and...
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Dio Brando: Foolish Child by JessieJoestar
Dio Brando: Foolish Childby Witchy
Walking home alone one night, you notice a strange presence, the feeling of being watched. It could be nothing... but the title does suggest another possibility.
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「New Cover」Jojo's Bizarre Adventure x Reader (JJBA Reader Inserts) by SohinAce
「New Cover」Jojo's Bizarre Sohin Ace
I'll write some JJBA x You, cause I ship you guys with them hotties. I'll mainly write Female Reader, but if you want some Male reader/Neutral reader, or LGBT, hit me...
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Star Platinum X Reader (But The Reader Is Pretty Damn Thicc) by callmebabydolluwu
Star Platinum X Reader (But The ✨babydoll✨
You were always a thicc girl. Thicc. Like Wicke. You love memes. Hell yeah. But one day, you were enjoying the sunlight and some motherfucking thots appeared. *cue 8bit...
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Insubordinate - Jotaro Kujo x reader by neonnrat
Insubordinate - Jotaro Kujo x am I insane? yes
You mind your own business during school; you find silently moving through the days much easier than bringing attention to yourself. However one day a bizarre fight brea...
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Maybe you're not so bad. [DIO x Child!Reader] by MoiSameon
Maybe you're not so bad. [DIO x Rachel
"Please, take care of her." A woman had dropped her off to Vanilla Ice. "A child? Vaguely resembling Master Dio." Vanilla muttered. "He must se...
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A Very Bizarre Adventure  by EpicDCGuy334
A Very Bizarre Adventure by EpicDCGuy334
(Y/N) 'Jotaro' Kujo, with a semblance only a few know about, how will his adventure through Beacon Academy be like? Safe to say, it'll be bizarre. JoJo's Bizarre Advent...
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Trailing by Stardust: Jjba x reader by Astrashep
Trailing by Stardust: Jjba x readerby AstraShep
Insert exciting hook here. ------------- You have been alone, lacking purpose, for as long as you care to remember. Each day passes by like the last, a blur. Devoid of...
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Rising of the star hero (Rising of the shield hero x Male stand user reader) by Joeda9006
Rising of the star hero (Rising Joeda 900
A boy named Y/N Kujo has went to a library searching some books but ends up in a different world with 3 other person with weapons as a spear, sword and a bow. Unfortunat...
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