Chapter 13

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3rd Pov

While our fellow protagonist is at Naples, training himself with the well-known gang, Passione, we will now, take a look at the ORC.

Rias Pov

It's been rather quiet lately, when Y/N left for Naples. It's like he is the only devil that could attract the strays to come out, trying to kill him.

Issei: Man, I missed his cooking already, when is he coming back!

*sigh* It's pretty annoying to hear Issei whine about missing Y/N's cooking. But why not? His cooking is the best!

Akeno: Rias, when is Y/N coming back?

Rias: I don't know the answer to that question, Akeno.

Akeno: Aww, I missed his face already. *mumbles* and I haven't confess to him.

Rias: Oh, I forgot. Issei, would you mind going to Y/N house and water his plants?

Issei: Sure but, where does he live?

Rias: Don't worry, I'll send you there.

I walked towards Issei and put my hand on his shoulder. Then, we were teleported to his house.

Issei: Whoa... His house is big! And there are bunch of posters of old bands! Look! It's Iron Maiden! Oh! Oh! There's Deep Purple too!

Rias: Now, now, calm down Issei. I sent you here to water the plants, not fan girl over old bands.

Issei: Yes pres...

I started walking around his house and saw his photo album. I walk towards it and open it. I started looking through the album. Nothing much really, just him and his parents. And is that Serafall he took picture with?! How did he know her?! Wait, he said he was trained before. Does that mean that he used to be in Serafall's peerage?!

I started looking through the album again and I saw the last picture. A picture of him and a blue headed girl. From what I see in the picture, he is probably 4 years old.

Issei: Rias, I'm done watering the plants!

Rias: Okay! Let's go!

I kept the photo album in the same place and teleported both of us back to the club.

Y/N Pov

Giorno: Y/N, have a good night sleep?

Y/N: Surprisingly, I did. To be honest, I can't sleep when I'm in someone else's home.

Giorno: *smirks* Then our service must be better than other people's. Anyway, get ready. You are going to fight against Trish and Bruno today.

Y/N: At the same time?

Giorno: At the same time. Now get ready. Their combo is the most troublesome one to fight against.

I wore my clothes and head to the training ground. There, stood Trish and Bruno.

Trish: Hope you won't get knocked out again, you are cooking lunch.

Y/N: Can't promise that. I want you to go all out on me so that I can achieve my balance breaker.

Bruno: *chuckles* Don't be too cocky now. *got into a stance*

Giorno: Ready, fight!

Bruno and Trish charge towards me at the same time.

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