Chapter 6: Leg day

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Author: Well. Over 100 reads. Well, I'm thankful for that. Not that I hate it, it's just left me speechless. People actually read this?! Anyway back to the story.

3rd Pov

The ORC is currently walking up against the hill with bags, filled with a lot of things. Well, except for the King and the Queen. I mean they are going to be training there for 10 days, so why not?

Y/N Pov

*huff* When it comes to physical training, I'm the worst at it. Well, Issei isn't doing any better either. Not going to be surprised to see Koneko and Kiba carrying bags heavier than ours. They've done physical training longer than me. All I do is practicing spells, cooking, and thinking about techniques when it comes to a fight. 

We arrived at the spot without me noticing at all. Man, am I moving while being deep in thought? All I'm thinking all the way up here is about strategies in a fight. Time to put mom's good old spellbook into use. 

Rias: Good job with the warm-up everyone! 

Issei and my eyes widen in shock!

That's... t-t-that's just a warmup? A fucking WARM-UP?! You've gotta be fucking kidding me!

*sigh* Well, I guess, no pain, no gain.

Rias: Alright! The first training will be sword fighting! Y/N, you're going up against Kiba. *throws wooden sword to you and Kiba*

Y/N: I'll try my best then. * catches sword*

Kiba: Sorry Y/N, your cooking is the best, but I'm not going easy on you. *got into a stance*

Y/N: *smirks* Oh? Then I'll just have to spit in your portion. *points sword towards him*

Kiba: *sweatdrop* Please no.

Rias: Begin!

Kiba charges at me at great speed, leaving me shocked for a moment. I blocked one of his attacks and got some distance away from him.

Y/N: You're fast.

Kiba: Thanks.

Y/N: But can you catch me when I cast this spell. Silver Chariot! Release!

Suddenly, silver aura starts to release from my body. I started moving around, leaving everyone in shock.

Y/N: Now, can you catch up?

(Just imagine that those after images is you)

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(Just imagine that those after images is you)

Then, all the after images, including me charges at Kiba at the same time from different directions.

Kiba got hit from every single side, leaving him kneeling on one leg.

I finished my attack and all the after images go back to my body. I fell down fatigued.

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