Chapter 2

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Author: Well, to be honest, I didn't think there are people reading this, but hey, I appreciate it. Thanks for reading guys. Let's continue the story, dear protagonist.

Y/N Pov

I enter the class and asked some of Rias classmates to know where she is. They point to a certain girl with long, claret hair.

I walked towards her and caught her attention.

Y/N: Your order, Ms. Gremory. *hands out the bento*

Rias: Thank you and please, and please, just call me Rias.

Y/N: Your welcome, Rias. The price will be 1500 yen.

Rias: Here. *hands out money*

Y/N: Thank you. *takes money* Enjoy your meal *hands out a plastic spoon and fork* and don't eat too fast. You will choke. Also, please give back the plastic spoon and fork. I don't plan on getting new ones just because it's dirty. 

Rias: Sure. Or you want to have an indirect kiss with it~.

Y/N:*chuckles* I'm an honest person, and doing that would be unprofessional. I shall take my leave. Enjoy your meal.

Rias Pov

And just with the last three words, he left. I wonder why a lot of students like his cooking. It's like they are entranced with it. Like he cast a spell.

I open the cloth and saw a piece of paper written with his name and class. Oh? He is in the same class with Issei. His name Y/N Kawajiri. He might catch my attention. I open the lid and to be honest there is nothing wrong with it. It's just a normal, traditional food.

So why are the students entranced with it? Well, can't judge a book by its cover

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So why are the students entranced with it? Well, can't judge a book by its cover. Time to dig in.

The moment I take the bite, it's so delicious! I couldn't imagine the sensation that is happening my mouth! When I swallow my food, that is when things get bizarre! I felt a surge of warm, healing energy going into my body and the little ache that I got at some part of my body is gone! Completely Healed! I couldn't stop eating! I felt like one meal isn't enough to satisfy my hunger!

That is when I realized. 

He used a spell!

Y/N Pov

And that's a job done. Knowing a Gremory, she will probably find out I used a spell. The spell Pearl Jam, created by my mother, was used to cure my stomach ache when I was a kid. I learned it from her. Her last gift before she dies is a book of spells and her cooking recipes. I treasured it. I don't care how much people will pay for it. I won't sell it. It's the only thing that reminds me of my late mother. As for my father, he is a composer. Sadly died at the same time with my mother. All he left are records he collected when he was a child and a gramophone. He said that all these items were passed down from my grandfather. Know, what will a Gremory do if he or she finds out a devil with a dangerous sacred gear. Kill them? Recruit them? Guess I'll find out soon. As for my parents.  The cause of their death?


???: Yo! Y/N!

I snapped out of my thoughts and turn around to find out it's Issei.

Issei: Yo, Y/N, can teach me how to cook will ya?

Y/N: *smiles* Why should I?

Issei: Oh come on, you're obviously picking up chicks with that cooking skill of yours.

Y/N: *chuckle* Sorry Issei, the recipes are a secret, it belongs to my mother, and I want it to remain a secret.

Issei: *looks down with guilt* Sorry man, didn't mean to bring that up.

Y/N: *smile* It's fine Issei, but if you really want to, I can teach you the basics.

Issei: Really?! Hell yeah! Thanks man!

Y/N: You're welcome. Anyway, the class is about to start.


Rias Pov

Rias: Koneko, I want you to give back this bento box to Y/N Kawajiri. And also follow him.

Koneko: *nods*

Rias: Alright Y/N, let's see what are you hiding.

                                                                            TO BE CONTINUED 

Author: And done. Hope you guys like this chapter and I will see you in the next one. And also, good night from here. 

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