Chapter 11: Welcome to Naples

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Author: So, I'm currently in the car, heading back to my hometown. Publishing the chapters might be hard, because the line isn't that great on the highway so yeah. Be patient. Anyway, back to the story.

Kiba Pov

Freed: Time for you to die, scum!

He rushed towards me and did a horizontal slash. I backed away and summon more swords from the ground. I took a second sword from the ground and rushed towards Freed. He blocked the attack and showed an annoying smirk across his face.

That cocky bastard!!!

Freed: You know, you shouldn't keep that same face for a long time. Wouldn't want a pretty boy's face to be ruined now, don't we?!

We broke apart from the hold and took a stance, facing each other, waiting for the other one to make the next move.

Freed: You are pretty lucky you know? Cause the this holy sword isn't very picky when it comes to consuming it's victims blood!

He rushed towards me again and I yelled Holy Eraser.

Streams of demonic energy covers my blade and it shoot towards the Excalibur. As it wraps around the sword, the energy shattered.

Freed: Ha! What did I told you?! This is Excalibur and you think a simple, half-ass trick would work on it?!

Kiba: I'm just making sure that is the real Excalibur. Seems like it is. Now, you have my permission to die.

We rushed towards each other and clashed our swords in a fast pace. Eventually, Freed got my arm with a cut.


I dropped and kneel down with a leg on the ground, holding my wound.

Freed: Have you forgotten that this sword hates your kind?!

Kiba: I'm not done yet saw damn it!

I punched him in the stomach and slashed him with my sword. Unfortunately, he dodged the attack.

Freed: What kind of cheap move is that?! That's cheating!

Kiba: And that is what devils always do!

I started rushing towards him again, summoning more swords from the ground on the way. He was about to rush towards me until a green magic circle appeared at his ear.

Freed: What?! But! Fine! Sorry kiddo, looks like there's going to be round two.

He throws a light bomb on the ground, blinding me for a moment. When I opened my eyes, he was gone.


Y/N Pov

I woke up with my luggage in my room. I told Rias that I will be away for a while and she say it's fine.

Y/N: Give a message if you guys are in trouble. I'll rush my way back here in no time. Also, make sure to water plants.

Rias: It's alright, I'll take care of it.

I got out of my house and a car appear out of no where and stopped in front of me.

Driver: You are Y/N aren't you?

Y/N: Yes, yes I am.

Driver: Boss told me to fetch you to the airport.

Boss? Is that person a mob boss or something? *sigh* Y/N, what have you gotten yourself into?

I got into the car and he drove me to the airport.


I arrived at the airport. I was about to pay the driver but he stopped me and say it was free of charge. I started walking towards the counter and reveal my passport and my ticket.

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