Chapter 7: Plucking Some Feathers

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Author: Argh I forgot to inform something to you guys. For Jojo fans, I'll be including stand names and their abilities as spells. But, I won't be adding all the stands because there are two reasons. First, there are too many stands throughout the series, starting from part 3 to the ongoing part 8 and I can't remember all of their abilities. Second, if I include every stand as spells, the character will OP, and I don't want that. Anyway, back to the story.

Y/N Pov

10 days have passed. I can definitely feel I'm stronger than before! I should've trained more, but oh well. Here comes nothing. Today's the day. The day to decide how the lady lives. One thing I hate about people from high ranking or well-known families is they rush things such as contract fulfillment, marriage and etc. Can't they take life easily? No stress? *sigh* Guess I'll never understand how the rich ones think. 

Rias: Y/N? You remember the strategy right?

Y/N: Yeah I know, if Akeno's defeated, I'll be the trump card.

Rias: And?

Y/N: I'll stay back from the fight and setting up traps. Also monitoring.

Rias: Good. Now get ready guys. The match is about to start.

Announcer: The match starts now!

Y/N: 2nd bomb, Sheer Heart Attack!

15 of them comes out of the summoning portal and lines up in front of me, waiting for the command.

Y/N: Now, I want you to scout the enemy lines. Report me their location when you see them.

Sheer Heart Attacks: Yes!

Y/N: Good, now move!

Sheer Heart Attacks: Scout! Scout! Scout! *moves away at great speed*

  Y/N: Alright, now for the trap setup.

I run out of the room. As I was running, I magic circle appears at my ear.

Sheer Heart Attack 1: Boss! An enemy is coming towards your direction. Reaching you approximately 5 minutes! 4 of them!

Y/N: Thanks!

5 minutes is more than enough! I touched the ground and make five lines with my fingers across the path. Then I quickly hide in the bush.

Y/N: Alright now for detection. Hierophant Green! Release! 

Strings made out of aura shoot out of my body and connect themselves to the trees across the path. Hierophant Green, sort of like a tripwire detecting spell. This is the spell that takes the least stamina. I then ran off to the gym as soon as possible.

As I was running towards the gym, I sensed enemies passing the aura tripwire. Not far from it now. As soon as I felt they pass the last wire, I activated the 1st bomb, Switch On. *BOOM*

Victims: Argh!!!!!

Announcer: 4 pawns of the Phenex house retired!

What? Pawns? Man, I thought it's something like knight or rook. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

Announcer: 4 pawns of the Phenex house retired!

Good, we're off to a great start.

Announcer: Rook of the Gremory house retired!

What?! Nevermind, it's just Koneko. At least it's not Akeno.

Announcer: 2 pawns, 2 castles, 2 knights, 1 bishop, and 2 rooks of the Phenex house retired!

What?! That's quick. Must be the combo Issei and Kiba came up with.

Announcer: Queen of the Gremory house retired!

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