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??? Pov

Argh... damn it. I thought that was just a normal human. What kind of power was that ?! the second he threw a small pebble towards me, it exploded like a damn bomb! What did he do to it?! It hurts like hell! 

I lost a goddamn arm from that single attack! 

Then I heard the sound of someone walking. He is close! Real close! 

???: Yare yare, I just bought those ingredients from a store just now, and I thought you're a woman in trouble or somethin', but you're just one of them. One of those damn annoying strays, trying to ruin my night shopping. Do you know I have school tomorrow? Well like you understand anything about school, you stray abandoned your master to become what? Stronger? Bullshit. You can't even land a single hit on me with one of your projectiles.

Stray: Please! Spare me!

???: Oh no. Definitely not. Leaving strays like you on the streets is bad for us. If I spare you, you will keep on killing those innocent people to satisfy your hunger. You should be punished. Or better yet, killed. 

Stray: No! Please! Spare me!


???: Yare yare, she got delicate hands too. Why does it have to belong to a stray, I could've asked her out.

??? Pov

*Looks at watch*

???: Luckily it's just ten. Oh well, a nice warm glass of milk will help me with my sleep.

I got out of the alleyway and started walking home leaving a mark made out of ash on the ground that was left from the explosion.

I got out of the alleyway and started walking home leaving a mark made out of ash on the ground that was left from the explosion

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(Timeskip to morning)

Y/N Pov

*Cause I'm havin' a good time! Havin' a goo-* *click*

*yawn* My that is a good night sleep the milk really helped a lot.


I walked to the kitchen and looked at the order list.

Y/N: Well at least there ain't a lot of people who ordered. *heats up stove while looking at the list*

Y/N: At least today's orders are easy. *puts a disc into the radio in the kitchen and starts cooking*

*Timeskip brought to you by Killer Queen by Queen*

I walked to school with the 15 orders in a bag. I decided to give it to them during break time.

When I set foot in the school, I can hear the girls whispered 'it's him! it's the perfect prince!'

Of course, there is also the boys whispering 'damn it's him.Stealing all the girls again.' 'you gotta admit his food is nice though' 'yeah i know'. I chuckled and started walking to my class and passing by the three perverts, muttering about their interest.

*Timeskip to break time*

I've delivered all the orders, including Issei's, and there's the last one. I believe this is the first time this student ordered my food. And sure as hell this isn't any normal student, by just seeing her last name, I knew it's a devil. A well known one too. Her name is Rias Gremory.

                                                                                          TO BE CONTINUED

Soooo i hope the first chapter is good, there might be some flaws here and there but hey. There's the first time for everything am I right? See you in the next chapter to whoever reads this.


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