Chapter 3: Killer Queen in action

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Author: I'm afraid some reader still doesn't understand the 1st bomb. So skip to 4:39 to check it out. Also, a great introduction to Kira Yoshikage, if some of you doesn't know who he is and his everyday normal life. You can watch if you want to, anyway, welcome back to the story, fellow readers.

Y/N Pov

I 'm walking out of the class when a little girl with white hair stopped in front of me. I bent down to her level and asked.

Y/N: Hello little girl, who are you looking for?

I saw a vein popped on her forehead. Oh? Did I say something wrong?

???: First of all, I'm a first year. Second of all, I'm here to give back this bento box on behalf of Rias.

Y/N: Oh. *chuckle* Sorry I, thought you are younger. Oh, and thank you for giving this back. I appreciate it. *takes bento box*

I walked away. I can't stop thinking just how short this girl is. Middle school, I can still accept the fact that she is short. But, high school? *sigh* Just what did she eat? Insufficient nutrition? Insufficient exercises? I'll try not care about that too much.

Koneko Pov

That bastard... He thinks I'm... Short?!

*Sigh* I am

I took out my phone and give Rias a call.

Koneko: Bucchou, I shall begin the stalk right now.

Rias: Thank you, Koneko. Remember, be careful, we don't know what he is capable of. And make sure to report anything bizarre to me. Got it?

Koneko: Yes, bucchou.

*Timeskip to 9:30 p.m.*

Damn it, it's been hours. And there is nothing bizarre happening. Just when I was about to give up, he walked out of his house! He wears a brown leather trench coat. He started walking to what seems like the direction towards the park. Wait, it's where Issei was killed! I have to call Rias!

Y/N Pov

Ahhh, nothing beats a good old, night stroll in the park. Luckily, I still have enough ingredients for the next orders. Seems like tonight's going to be quiet. *breaths in* Ah, the fresh air in the park, it's great. At least it's going to be a quiet night unlike the night before. Luck is on I, Y/N Kawajiri's side today.

After a few minutes, I decided to buy a can of coffee from the vending machine. I sat down on a bench and enjoyed until one bastard ruined my night.

???: Well, well, what is a stray doing here at this beautiful night~?

I look up to see a fallen angel. My, are all of them a masochist? I might ask her.

???: Hmm, before I kill a stray like you, let me tell you my name since you're a cutie~. My name is Hikari. *pulls out a spear made of light* Any last words, stray?

Y/N: Umm actually, I have a question.

Hikari: Oh? What is it? 

Y/N: Are you a masochist?

Hikari: ...

3rd Pov

Koneko: *What?!*

ORC: What?!

Akeno: *laughs* Wow, this boy is daring.

Hikari: You bastard!!!! *Throws spear*

Y/N caught the spear with Killer Queen on.

Hikari, Koneko, ORC: !!!

Y/N: I hate repeating my question for the second time and what's more, the third time. In my opinion, having me to repeat my question for the second time just shows that the person is deaf or *looks at Hikari menacingly* an imbecile.

The spear Y/N holds suddenly disappear and reappear in Hikari's hand.

Hikari: How... How the fuck are you holding the spear without injuring yourself?!

Y/N: *chuckles* That would be the work of my sacred gear, Killer Queen. I can hold on to any holy objects without injuring myself as long as I'm wearing Killer Queen. Also, my Killer Queen has a special ability, sadly you are in trouble for holding your weapon.

Hikari: *laughs* What makes you think a pair of gloves can do huh?!


ORC: !!!

Hikari: ARGH!!!!!

After the explosion, Hikari fell to the ground, losing an arm and a wing.

Y/N: My sacred gear have 2 abilities. But I'll only explain 1, and that is the first bomb, Switch on. Everything I touch Killer Queen on turns into a bomb. I can also activate it remotely.

Unknown to Hikari, Y/N is already right in front of her after finish explaining.

Y/N: And that includes you.

Hikari: Please no! Don't kill me! I'll do anything!

Y/N: *sigh* Sadly, that's what all the one with delicate hands say. If I don't kill you, it'll be a big problem for me cause, if I let you go, you will just call out your friends and kill me. So, I'll make the most rational choice.

Y/N: *looks at her menacingly* I'll wipe you out myself.

Hikari: No please! No! I'll do anything! I won't bother you! I will make yo-

Y/N Pov

I grabbed her face with my hands before she can finish her sentence.

Y/N: Don't worry, I'll make sure you'll have a painless death.

Y/N: Goodnight, mademoiselle.


Y/N: I know you guys are out there. Come out. Don't be shy.

Then I see the entire ORC members come out of the bushes.

Rias: I want to talk.

Y/N: Upupupupup. It's getting late now I believe. I'll talk with you in your clubroom tomorrow.

Y/N: Good night, my fellow friends.

I walk away leaving the ORC in the park. Hmm, I think I need a glass of warm milk tonight.

                                                                          TO BE CONTINUED 


Author: Well this is the longest chapter I have written I believe. Hope it's not boring for you guys. So see you guys in the next chapter then.


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