Chapter 15: Duck Hunt

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Rias Pov

I hope Y/N got the message that I sent. He is taking too long. Luckily, we got everything covered. Kiba unlock his balance breaker, and Xenovia being the one who wield Durandal, everything is good, until Kokabiel killed Galilei.

Issei charges at Kokabiel, winding up for a punch. Kokabiel counters by doing a back hand, but it didn't affect Issei.

Issei: You think a simple back hand could knock me down?!

Ddraig: Double! Double! Double! Double! Double!

Issei: I'll wipe you out from the surface of Earth with this one strike! Die!

Issei charges again and stayed for 10 seconds until he screams and fell down to the ground.

Kokabiel: Hahaha! Look at you, Red Dragon Emperor! You can't even use your sacred gear correctly! *summons a light spear* This, shall be your last episode! *throws spear at Issei.*

Rias: Issei!

Xenovia, Kiba, and Akeno intercept to block but it won't be enough in their condition! They'll die!

Xenovia Pov

I close my eyes, preparing for my death. Y/N, if you are dead, I'll see you soon. Suddenly I heard a voice.

???: Ari, ari, ari, ari, ari! Arrivederci! Zipper!

???: Aegis! Release!

I open my eyes to see the attack was blocked. Then I saw a man coming out from what looks like a dimension opened with a zip.

???: Take care now eh, Y/N? Arrivederci.

Y/N: Arrivederci, Bruno.

Then, walk in to the zip and closes it, disappearing into the air. I look the figure in front of me... that's Y/N. He turns his head around and look at us. The expression is written on our face.

Y/N: You guys alright? Sorry I'm late.

Y/N Pov

Wait... this girl... between Akeno and Kiba... could it be?

Y/N: You know, just to make sure. Who are you? The one with the blue hair.

???: I-I'm Xenovia. Your childhood friend.

I look at her in the state of shock. This girl... that I once protect from being beaten in the orphanage... is right in front of me? And she is the one who wields Durandal? My, my, what a small world it is.

Kokabiel: Oh? Who are you, boy?

Y/N: Me? *looks at him menacingly* I am Y/N Kawajiri, pawn of the Gremory house, son of  Isamu Kawajiri and Mika Kawajiri, the couple that you've killed.

Kokabiel: Oh?! So you are her son?! Hahaha! Amusing! Truly amusing! Rias Gremory! Your house is one of the most amusing one I see so far! Red Dragon Emperor, Baraqiel's daughter, Wielder of Durandal, the ruined Holy Sword Project, and the last but not least, The Son of Killer Queen! Amusing, truly amusing! Can't this day get any better?!

Y/N: I swear I'll wipe that face of yours out of existence.

Issei: Count me in then.

Y/N: Oh? You are alright.

Issei: That is nothing. This time, I'll really beat the carp out of him and become the harem king!

Y/N: *smirks* You'll always stick to that dream huh? Well, I can't blame you. That is probably what most men want to be. Oh well, let's get this over with. I wanna cook.

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