The realization

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It was like a massive weight was lifted not off my shoulders but my entire being, the priest covered every foot of the property and when he was done it was like a warmth washed over the house. A clean, sweet smell lofted through the air.

It's over, it's finally over.... Now to face that dream.

The fire had burnt out once the priest stepped foot outside, our tree was the only thing that was torched.

Mom had fixed us a quick lunch while James went to get his brother and the priest left, John and Harry were still a little short with each other but seemed to be warming up. John had to leave to get Kyle from school but said that he would pack up their stuff and come back home which made me happy, I can't remember the last time I saw my little brother.

Harry and I decided to go up to my room while we waited for James, he lead me up the stairs and sat down on my bed before pulling me between his legs. "How do you feel?" He asks, his large hands on my hips as I brush a curl off his forehead.

"Lighter, like it's really over. Well after we deal with my dream that is, but what will they be able to do really Harry? Kyler, Jake and Aaron are dead, they can't stand trial or-"

"It's about knowledge Eden, it's about closure." He says hesitantly as if he had meant to say something else, he looks up at me and bites his lip as his fingertips fig into my hips slightly. I run my fingers through his hair and he sighs in appreciation. Harry's eyes flutter open and his lips part as he gazes up at me, sometimes he just looks at me in a certain way and I melt. My core heats as my heart begins to thump, I'm so helplessly in love with this man it's unbelievable. I never knew I could feel like this, never thought I deserved this degree of happiness. "Whatcha thinking about hm?" He whispers as I bite my lip pensively.

"You.... How crazy this all is... But mostly, how happy I am." I reply and his face lights up, I tilt his head up and peck his lips gently but that's not enough for me. The way his fingertips dig into the flesh of my hips drive me crazy, he smirks against my lips as I climb onto his lap straddling him.

I swallow his moans as I roll my body against his, one of his muscular arms wraps around my waist pulling me to him as the other tangles in my long blonde hair as he returns my kiss feverishly. Now that I know how it feels, how he loves me so perfectly... I want so much more.

Harry's hand moves from my back and slips up under my dress before cupping my right breast, I moan against his lips before tugging up his black tshirt. He reclaims my lips hard as he pulls me dress up, our kiss breaks apart for a second as he slips it over my head. Harry's fingers slip in the band of my tights as our lips mold together, his arousal hits my wanting core with every movement causing me to want more and move contact.

My breathing labors as Harry curses under his breath while watching me work myself into a frenzy, we jump when the doorbell rings alerting us that James was back.


"He can wait," he growls before pinning me to the bed underneath him. He needed me as much as I needed him in that moment, the rest of our clothing was quickly tossed aside and I let out a loud moan as he sinks his length into me.

We knew we didn't have long, his movements were fast and brought us both to our highs quickly but it was still full of emotions and unspoken words.

Harry brushes some hair off my face as he gazes into my eyes, "come away with me." He whispers and I widen my eyes in surprise. "After we figure this dream out let's let away for a bit, just you and me." He adds.

"But your work Harry, plus where wwould we go and how would we pay for it?" I ask not believing what he's suggesting.

"I have some time off I need to take and I have a good paying job Eden, for once I have a girlfriend and I want to take her somewhere so let me spend a little money on you love." He replies before kissing me softly, "we can go wherever you want. As long as we're together I'll be happy." He assures me with a cheeky grin, my lips curl into a matching grin.

"Well I have always wanted to go to Hawaii," I whisper and he chuckles.

"Then we'll go to Hawaii baby," he smirks.

"Eden? Are you upstairs sweetie? Doctor Elliot and his brother are here!" My mom shouts as Harry fights back a chuckle.

"I'll be right down!" I reply.

"After we do the session I want you to remember how this feels, this is sex Eden. What they did was not, you understand?" He asks softly still inside me and I nod, "I love you." He whispers before pecking my lips, "I'll run interference to give you a few to clean up baby." Harry says before pulling himself from me, I quickly go into the bathroom and jump in the shower as he gets dressed then heads downstairs.

After quickly rinsing my body I pull my hair up into a messy bun and tug on some panties before slipping on a pair of leggings and Harry's sweatshirt.

As I walk downstairs I hear Harry's boisterious laugh from the kitchen, I walk in to see him completely relaxed leaning back against the counter as he talks to my mom and James. His face lights up as I walk into the room, my mom looks away from him towards me and smiles.

"Is it ok if Harry stays with us mom?" I ask nervously, as he looks down and nods.

"I may be almost twenty-eight but my roomate is my mum, she's not too happy that Eden and I are together at the moment." Harry admits as my mom frowns.

"Of course, I'll just make sure that's alright with your father sweetheart. He's bringing Kyle home soon," she responds.

"Let's get this done then, Dan is downstairs setting up the audio so that after this you won't have to relive it." James says as I furrow my brows, Harry purses his lips and sighs. "She doesn't know does she?" He murmurs as Harry walks over to me, I look up at him with wide as as he takes my hand.

"Do you remember Tiffany Baker and Christina Jones?" He asks and I nod.

"They were my friends, Tiffany was Jake's girlfriend and Christina was Aaron's. We were all friends but Tiff and Christina ran away," I explain as Harry frowns.

"Jake and Aaron were killed with Kyler right?" He questions.

"I don't remember them being there at all but that's what I was told," I shrug and Harry lets out a sigh.

"Three voices Eden, three deaths-"

"Jake and Aaron were the other voices," I mumble and he nods.

"If we're right... Eden, you were meant to die that night."

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