The first session Pt. 1

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The next morning I headed into the Institute for a session with one of my other patients, a young teen who lost his mother in a horrid accident. It wasn't an easy day, that's for sure. He had tried to kill himself with his bedsheets last night and kept lashing out at me.

As soon as I was in my car I pulled my jacket off before yanking off my tie. It's Eden first session I'd call and cancel so I could just go home, take a shower and veg.

There are days that I dislike my job, maybe it's because I put my all into treating my patients. The disagreement with my mum last night didn't help either, I made her breakfast this morning to apologize but I can still tell shes weary of me treating Eden.

Speaking of Eden, I combed through her records but there were so many pages missing. I put in for her FULL medical records since birth but it will take a week or two to get them back. Everything about her is just so mysterious, so haunting. I'll find myself thinking about her at random point of the day.

This is why my mother is concerned, I always dedicate myself to my work but this.......

This is different.

After pulling up to the Andersons I open up the top button to my shirt before rolling up the sleeves in hopes that Eden and her mother won't mind the informality.

"Oh! You're early," Her mother greets as she looks me over. "You alright?"

"Hard day at the institute," I sigh as I walk through the door. Donna nods understandingly before grabbing her purse.

"I need to go check into the office, Eden is down with her yoga instructor. She should be done soon, the chef is here if you need anything. She's known Eden since she was just an infant, Donna explains as she heads for the door.

"Sounds good, I'll see you later," I reply and take a deep breath before heading down to the treatment room. Thank fuck I did because I almost passed out once I hit the bottom steps.

Eden has her back to me and is bent almost in half as she followers her instructor's movements. She's wearing leggings with a tank top and sports bra but what has me frozen is that the way she's bent in her thin leggings I can see every detail of her white lace panties along with the natural curve of her behind.

Yesterday she was sitting down and wearing a baggy sweater, while at the hospital she was always in a gown and robe so I never noticed how naturally curvy she is. She's also pretty short, 5'3 at the most.

Her instructor clears her throat as she sees me frozen taking in Edan's form, Eden stands up and turns her head to look back at me over her shoulder. Her lips part as her eyes roam from my boots up to my eyes. When our eyes meet I feel my cheeks redden in embarrassment.

THIS is what your mum is afraid of Harry! Don't fall down that rabbit hole.

"Sorry I'm a little early, I'll just be over there." I nod off towards a sitting area near the window before taking a seat. I could sense that Eden was distracted with me being in the room, she soon dismisses her teacher before grabbing her phone as she walks over towards me. "You look like you could use something to eat, I'm going to order lunch. Do you want anything?" She asks softly, I smile and nod.

"That would be great, I'll just have whatever you're having. I'm not picky," I reply, she smiles and texts the chef our order while I take the opportunity to get a better look at her. She looks a lot better today, her skin is a bit brighter and she isn't as lethargic. She's not wearing any makeup and her hair is down in loose curls.

She's naturally stunning, her plump pink lips press together as she finishes her text. I jump slightly when she looks up, her pale blue orbs meeting mine. "Shit," I curse under my breath as she smiles brightly. A smile that would have knocked me on my ass had I not been sitting down.

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