The Getaway

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"Morning Harry," Donna greets as I walk into the kitchen. "Eden still asleep?" She asks and I shake my head.

"She just woke up, said she'll be down after a quick shower." I reply as she hands me a cup of steaming black coffee, just how I like it. John shoots me a look that makes me roll my eyes in annoyance, dude seriously needs to chill.

My girl's little brother is lost in a bowl of Cheerios, he's careful to pick out the unicorn marshmallows for some odd reason.

"I need your help with something Donna."

She looks at me with furrowed brows before sitting down with her own cup of coffee, "just name it Harry. You've done so much for my daughter, if there is any way I can thank you I'll be more than happy to oblige."

"I want to take Eden away for a bit, the news about her attack is going to blow up. I want her to have some calm before the storm you know?" I suggest and she nods, "I have to take care of a few things so could you take her shopping for ten days in Hawaii?" I ask and her eyes widen, "I haven't taken a proper vacation in years. I think it's needed for the both of us."

"I agree Harry, let me know how much the tickets are-"

"Already took care of it, just make sure she has some nice clothes and swimsuits. Maybe some clothes and shoes for hiking as well, I'll handle the rest." I assure her before draining the rest of my coffee, "I'll be back around five. If you could take us to the airport that would be great," I say not to Donna but to Eden's stepfather.

"Of course," he answers quickly realizing that I have his daughter's best interest in mind. A scandal like this is sure to rock the prestigious neighborhood of Madison Park, things like this just don't happen here. 

Donna nods knowingly before hugging me quickly, "thank you for everything Harry." She whispers, I give her a curt nod before exiting the house.

Eden had given me her keys thankfully, my eyes roam the neighborhood as I drive out of the gated community. They have no clue what's about to hit them, no clue at all.

My car is parked out front of my house alerting me that my mum is home, after letting out a long sigh I park and climb out of the car before striding towards the door. There is clatter in the kitchen as I walk through the door, "Harry?" My mum's voice calls out.

"Yea, it's me." I reply before walking into the kitchen to see her making some of my favorite foods.

"Oh good, I wanted to apologize for how I behaved yesterday morning-"

"Eden and I are going to Hawaii, I just came by to get some things." I cut her off before walking back to my room, I feel guilty but I'm not ready to hear her excuses for how she treated my girl yesterday.

"Harry, please talk to me before you go." My mum pleads with me as she walks into my room, I grab a duffel bag and toss my things in it quickly wanting to get out of the house as soon as possible.

"I don't want to do this right now mum, I'll talk to you when we get back."

"Just please tell me, does she make you happy?" She questions, my eyes snap to hers which are almost identical to my own. 

"Happiest I've ever been, just hope that's enough for you." I reply shortly as I zip up my bag before brushing past her, my mum's voice calls out but I'm already out the door and climbing into the car.

The rest of the late morning and early afternoon was spent wrapping up loose ends at the institute so I could take my vacation, James was pleased to hear that I was taking Eden away as he knew that the news of her attack and the murders would blow up at any point.

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