The long night.

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"That will be $34.86," the delivery man says with a bright smile as he holds our Chinese food. I take two twenties out of my wallet and thank him before taking the bag and heading back to the kitchen, as I approach the kitchen the air turns ice cold causing my heart to drop.

Eden is standing there, her eyes dark and cold and her skin tinted slightly grey. She's grinning evilly as she looks at the knife, this isn't her Harry. This isn't your Eden.

"Don't come near me Harry," She growls. Her voice is cold and deadly but I can see the inner struggle, she's trying to take control back.

"I'm not afraid of you, you won't hurt me Eden," I assure her gently as I take a slow step forward after setting down our food.

"They want me to kill you."

"Well don't let them, you're stronger than them and they know it, that's why they chide and belittle you every single chance they get," I argue, her hand shakes as I take another step closer.

"I'm not stronger than them Harry," She whispers as her hand tightens around the handle of the knife.

"Yes, you are love. You need to fight-"

"What the hell do you think I've been doing for the last five fucking years Harry?"

"Fight harder then!" I snap and she narrows her eyes at me.

"Why? I'm so tired of fighting," she shouts as her lip quivers.

Keep this going Harry, she's regaining control.

"Fight for you, fight for your mom. "I whisper as I walk closer to her, "fight for me...... Fight for us Eden." I add, her eyes lighten then darken as she tilts the knife away from me and towards herself. "No!" I shout as she plunges the knife towards her abdomen, I react quickly and am able to hit the knife out of her hand before it broke the skin. "You can't have her! Do you hear me?" I shout as I turn and look around the kitchen, "she's stronger then you'll ever be. She's alive and you're not!"

Eden falls to her knees and dry heaves, a crash is heard as the vase containing the roses I had gotten her crashes to the floor. An animalistic growl rocks the kitchen causing glassing to clatter and shivers to shoot up my spine. My arm hair stands on end as I see a shadow move out of the corner of my eye, I turn just to see it dissipate into thin air. The room warms up instantly and I kneel down to Eden who is coughing violently.

"What did you do Harry?" She whispers weakly, her pale blue eyes and creamy skin now back to its natural color.

"I fought for you just like you fought for me, I'll keep fighting for you long after this is all over with love." I assure her as she bites her lip nervously, "are you alright?" I ask and she nods, "then why are you shaking?"

"I don't remember the last time I ate," she confesses. I pull her up to her feet before scooping her up and carrying her up to her bedroom, "what are you doing Harry?" She asks as she looks up at me.

"Bringing you to bed then I'm going to grab the food and feed you," I inform her and she nods uncertainly. "You're stronger then them Eden, they know that now." I assure her as I set her in her bed, she sighs as I kiss her cheek before running downstairs for our food.

I figure we can just eat out of the cartons so I grab some chopsticks and forks before heading back upstairs. Once I re-enter Eden's room I hear her humming softly, my mouth goes dry as my eyes land on her. Eden's back is to me and she's in only a white lace bra and some pale pink panties that are slung low on her hips, they are a boyshort cut that hugs her voluptuous bottom perfectly.

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