The nightmare pt.1

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This chapter is NOT for the faint of heart, if you don't think you can handle it please wait until I post part two and read that one instead. This chapter will be violent and raw but necessary, please continue with caution.


"Jake, Aaron and Kyler killed them Eden." Harry says as he looks down at me with eyes full of concern. "Christina and Tiffany were their first human victims and you were meant to be their third, they had killed countless animals for years before." He explains and I immediately feel sick.

"Are you sure?" I ask in a weak whisper, Harry nods his head slightly.

"We will have confirmation after this session, that's why Daniel is setting up the recording equipment." James interjects before looking at my mom, "Well you be joining us?" He asks as her eyes widen.

"Can I?" She questions in a surprised voice.

"It's up to Eden," He shrugs and looks at me.

"I don't know what happened mom, it may be too much." I reply and she looks down, "it's up to you just promise that if you get overwhelmed you'll leave the room." I add, she nods softly before hugging me. "This is it mom, this is the end of what they did. After everyone knows what really happened it's over, for all of us."

"It's all set," James' brother says as he enters the room. His aura is similar and he has kind blue eyes just like James so I was instantly comfortable with him.

"You ready Eden?" Harry asks softly and I nod, he tilts my head up and kisses my lips gently. "I love you," he whispers assuringly. I widen my eyes realizing that everyone just heard his confession of love, including my mother.

"I love you too," I reply softly and he kisses me again. I look down as we make our way downstairs, I could feel everyone staring at us and wasn't ready to take that head-on.

Once downstairs I see that the furniture has been moved around, the couch and a chair are on one side while other chairs on the other side. Harry sits down on the couch with me and James frowns.

"H, you gotta sit with Dan and Donna please." James informs him and Harry shoots him a menacing glare, "you know as well as I do that if you react and she feels it you'll pull her out. If she comes out of it I may not be able to put her back under," he adds and Harry sighs before kissing my temple. He sits next to my mom who takes his hand and gives it a reassuring squeeze.

James takes his chair and places it directly in front of me so my legs are between his, his bright blue eyes look in my pale blues and he smiles softly. "I want you to close your eyes Eden, good. Now lean back completely and relax but keep your hands together on your lap. Very good, now I want you to listen to me breathing and try to mirror it." He instructs and I do as told, I can feel myself begin to relax more and more. "Good, now that you're deeply and fully relaxed - Feeling comfortable, safe and secure - I want you to visualize yourself as if you are watching yourself on a picture screen. Can you see yourself?"


"Now, I want you to view the screen and go back to the time of your sexual assault. I want you to view this experience from the first moment of its occurrence ... try to feel the total experience in all its various elements."

I see myself walking into a hotel room wearing my black fitted prom dress, my prom queen tiara still on my head. Kyler slips off his jacket before taking his crown off and walking towards me. "Allow me," he whispers softly as he takes the tiara from my head. He turns me and kisses my neck softly before unzipping my dress.

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