The Third Session Pt. 2

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I had taken my lunch into the garden but found myself unable to eat so I gave it to the groundskeeper's old yellow lab Harley. I wander back to the tree that had become so special to me, somewhere I could go and relive that kiss.

Harry is worried about me, I just know it. Yesterday I was off because of my lack of sleep and I'm still adjusting to the lower doses of my antipsychotics, then the voices. They've gotten even worse but only when I'm not with Harry.

I sigh as I lean back against the trunk of the tree and chew my lip as I wait for Harry's arrival.

We're going to kill him today. No, we aren't, when will you three realize you can't control me around him anymore. That may be the case baby, but we can still control you when he isn't around. What do you think boys? A little strychnine in Prince Harry's tea?

"I'm not going to hurt him so just leave me the fuck alone!" I growl out loud

Oh! How about some fishing line across the top of the stairs?

No! The darker voice growls, a knife through the heart. We just have to make the right moves.

"I'm not going to do it!" Why are you guys so set on destroying me? Why can't you just leave me alone!" I shout.

"Eden?" Harry's voice calls out, I spin around and glare at him on intentionally. We have to be stronger than him, he can't keep pushing us away. "It's ok baby, it's just me." He whispers softly and my heart flutters, get the fuck out of my head.

You're going to regret this Eden, your loverboy is going to pay the price for ripping you away from us.

The voices finally retreat and I throw myself into Harry's waiting arms, he wraps them around me and I allow his warmth to comfort my aching soul."Shhh, it's alright. I'm here love."

"I can't take them anymore Harry, they're winning," I whisper defeatedly.

"Winning what?"

"I don't want to be here anymore, they want me to kill myself." The words tumble out of my mouth weakly, Harry's lips part as he peers down on me.

"Eden, listen to me baby." He insists as he cups my face gently, "The world wouldn't be as beautiful without you. You're kind, caring and-"

"There are billions of other people in the world Harry." I cut him off knowing that I'm no one special.

"Well, my world wouldn't be the same without you." He mumbles and my eyes widen, "I spent years being intrigued by you Eden. Now that I know you-you're even more entrancing, when I walked into this house earlier this week I had no idea my life would change but it did." He adds as I stare back at him in disbelief, he spent years intrigued by me? What does that even mean? Harry kisses me gently before pulling away, "please don't leave my world." He begs as he presses his forehead against mine.

Tears begin to pour from my eyes, what did I do to deserve someone who cares about me so much having barely known me a week?

"Promise me you'll stay in my world," he whispers and I nod softly. Harry kisses me softly as I grip his tie, his left-hand cradles my neck as the right one splays across my back, he walks me back until I hit the truck of the tree softly. Harry deepens our kiss and I take advantage to slip my tongue past his lips to swirl around with his own.

Harry groans against my lips as I nip gently at his swollen bottom lip, he presses his hips against mine allowing me to feel him. All of him.

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