The nightmare pt. 2

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Eden's eyes widen at my words, "you did so well baby. I'm so fucking proud of you," I whisper as I wrap my arms around her. Eden's body shakes against mine, I cup her face and gaze into her stormy blue eyes full of tears. "What wrong Eden?"

"I'm just so happy Harry, it's finally over." She replies softly as tears continue to flow, Eden rises up on her tiptoes and presses her soft lips against mine. The kiss is sweeter then most of our kisses have been, mostly because we're both utterly exhausted from the day's emotional events.

"Eden, sweetie?" Her mom says softly, Eden turns away from me towards her as I see Dan gathering his things. He nods his farewell to me, his eyes full of pain and anger for what happened to my girl but there is a resolve behind them.

The truth will come out, it has to.

"John and Kyle are back, they've brought dinner with them if you and Harry are hungry." Donna says, her voice full of hope knowing that Eden will probably turn it down.

"You need to eat baby," I whisper as I squeeze her hip gently. She nods reluctantly before excusing herself to the bathroom.

"Is it over?" Donna asks me.

"I believe so, hopefully the nightmares will cease now. Dan has everything he needs to close the other girl's cases at least, those boys were evil little shits." I reply and she nods curtly as James approaches us.

"I'll see you later H, it was nice to meet you Mrs. Anderson." He says before taking his leave.

"You'll bring her up when she's ready right?" She questions and I nod.

"Of course Donna," I assure her. She pauses before hugging me softly.

"Thank you for giving me my girl back but most of all.... Thank you for believing in her, for loving her." She whispers before releasing me.

"She's easy to love," I muse as Eden comes out of the bathroom. "I'm just lucky that she loves me in return," I add with a wide smile as she walks over to me. Her mom smiles softly before heading upstairs leaving my girl and I alone for the first time since she relived her attack. Eden looks down before glancing up at me, her eyes full of uncertainty and fear. "What is it baby?"

"What if Kyle hates me for hurting his dad? What if he wants nothing to do with me?" She asks in a weak whisper, I pull her against my chest and kiss her hair softly.

"He's your brother Eden, it may take some time but he'll forgive you. He was born to love you," I assure her. "You do need to eat, just a little bit at least alright?"

Eden nods and I lean down to peck her lips before taking her hand and leading her upstairs, her family is sat around the dining room table with two seats left open for us. I pull out her chair so she can sit down before sitting down beside her, when I look across the table I see a small boy with the same stormy blue eyes as his sister staring at her curiously.

"Kyle, this is Harry. He's your sister's-"

"Friend," John cuts his wife off with a warning glare. She chews her lip anxiously and I glance over at John who shoots me the same look he just gave his wife.

"Hi Kyle, it's very nice to meet you." I offer politely to the boy who hasn't taken his eyes off his sister beside me.

"It's really you Edie?" He asks weakly, she nods and in an instant he's out of his chair and running into her arms surprising both Eden and me.

John glances at me and sighs, "I never told him." He mouths and I nod in understanding, that made me gain more respect for him. Even though she hurt him, he protected her brother's idea of her. He maintained their bond for this moment not knowing if it would ever actually happen.

The eight-year-old boy who is almost the same size as his much older sister climbs into her lap where he resides for the entire meal, as if he was holding her in place so she didn't run which honestly... I was afraid she'd do.

Eden picked at her food while Kyle chirped away telling her all about school and his life, I stayed and just sat back allowing the family to interact. John would ask Eden questions here and there which she answered simply, I could tell she was becoming overwhelmed. She's smiling and happy but very tired.

"I think I should take Eden upstairs, she's had a long day." I suggest, her stepfather glares at me and I regret telling him that we were together so crudely this morning.

"I can handle it-"

"Harry is staying with us John, let him take care of her." Her mom cuts him off and is met by another glare. "She's an adult and Harry is a good man, I trust him." She adds before giving me a reassuring smile, John's eyes soften and he nods slightly.

"Your sister is tired Kyle, give her a hug so she can get to bed." He tells his son, Kyle does as told and Eden kisses his forehead before shooting me a thankful glance. I stand up and wait by the stairs as she hugs her parents, her stepfather a bit longer than her mother.

My hand goes to the small of her back as we climb the stairs in silence, once in the sancuary of her room she curls into my chest and wraps her arms around my waist. "You need to get some sleep baby," I whisper after she pulls away. She slips off my sweatshirt she's wearing along with her bra and leggings as I tug off my shirt and toss it onto my bag, Eden picks it up and slides it on causing me to smile softly.

After tugging off my jeans I climb into bed with her, Eden nuzzles against my chest and lets out a sigh. "Thank you for always knowing what I need Harry," she whispers sleepily. I lean and hover over her before kissing her passionately, her fingers brush through my hair as our lips mold together.

"I love you Eden," I whisper against her lips before kissing her again. Our kiss falls apart and I lie back allowing her to cuddle into my side, within minutes her breaths are even alerting me that she's fallen to sleep. "I'll protect you from any other nightmares you may have baby, I promise."

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