The heart to heart with Donna & James' wake-up call.

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This makes so much sense, the three voices not wanting anyone to touch her, the violent tendencies. It's all happening for a reason.

"When Eden was in the hospital, they did a full exam correct?" I ask and she nods, "was there any evidence of sexual activity?"

"Yes but she and Kyler had been together so long and they were both almost 18." She says as I pull at my hair.

"She thinks she's still a virgin Donna! She dreams of what actually happened, they raped her." I growl, I really really would like to punch something right now.

"Ok, but why does that matter at all?" She questions.

"That is the catalyst for every single thing that has happened since don't you see?"

"It gave her schizophrenia?" She asks blinking blankly.

"She doesn't fucking have it not is she bi-polar. Her brain is perfect, SHE'S perfect." I snap and she narrows her eyes at me and crosses her arms.

Seems like you're a little too fond of your patient Doctor Styles," She chides and I shake my head.

"As of tonight she is no longer my patient, she isn't taking any more pills and she isn't going back to that shithole institute where they are about to lose their best psychologist." I retort before sighing, "I'm in love with your daughter Donna. She fascinated me for years and once I really got to know her.... I love her and I want to help her get better, let me do some hypnotherapy. We need to know what those three fuckers did to her."

Donna searches my eyes as she fiddles with her hands, "You really do love her don't you?" She whispers softly.

"I know I shouldn't but as cheesy as it sounds, I think I loved her before I even met her. She's smart and funny, she's kind and caring. She's absolutely stunning but humble, she's everything I've ever wanted." I gush and she smiles softly, "She's not mentally unstable Donna. Those three boys have somehow infiltrated her mind, they're been haunting her. They turn her violent on men because she's theirs, they make her want to kill herself because she's theirs." I explain and her eyes widen, "It wasn't Eden that attacked your husband... It was Kyler, he's the ringleader to all this. He's the evil voice in her head telling her to hurt people."

"Why not you though?" She asks in confusion.

"She thinks they're scared of me, she doesn't realize she knows who the voices belong to." I continue and she nods. "I want her to rest this weekend, I have to do some things with my mom as well as investigate those little fuckers."

"Does she know you love her?" She asks and I shake my head.

"I told her while she was seizing, I just... I don't want her to get better for me, I want her to get better for her. I'll tell her again when this is over." I say before letting out a heavy sigh, she nods before touching my arm.

"I knew you were different, I just didn't know how different. Thank you, Harry, I finally feel like I'm going to get my baby back." She whispers before hugging me.

"I should get going, please call me if you need anything," I say as she releases me, she nods and I run down to grab my things from the treatment room before heading out.

Once in my car I knew going home and trying to sleep wasn't an option so I headed to James' condo, I have the missing pieces now. Monday my girl will see a priest and be blessed then James and I will start hypnotherapy so we can find out what actually happened the night of the crash.

The bitter winter air stings my skin as I pound on James' door, "What the fuck Harry?" He growls after opening it in his boxers with his sleep mask still on his head.

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