The absence

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I storm out of my mum's room before walking into my own and slam my door behind me causing Eden to jump as she pulls on her jeans, I stride into my closet and toss her one of my hoodies before grabbing a bunch of my clothes and stuffing them into a duffel bag.

"What are you doing Harry?" Eden asks as she slips on my hoodie over her bra.

"We're leaving," I reply shortly as she furrows her brows at me.

"Harry no," she says as she puts her hands against my chest so I stop packing my bag. "I don't want you and your mom to have issues because of me, I'm not worth coming between you two," Eden says softly and I shake my head.

"For once in my life, I'm happy Eden, really fucking happy and if she can't accept that then I don't want to be here." I snap, her eyes widen and she takes a step back. "Baby I'm sorry," I say softly as I take her hand. She watches me as I bring it up to my lips and press a soft kiss to the back of it, "I didn't mean to snap at you. It's just been a stressful few days and my mother's blind judgment is really upsetting me," I add as I pull her against my chest. I wrap my arms around her and kiss the top of her head, "I love you Eden."

"I love you but I don't want our love to cost you a relationship with your mother," she whispers as she looks up at me.

"It won't, just going to give her some time to wrap her head around the fact that we're together because that's not going to change." I assure her and she nods in understanding, "I'll just stay with James and let her digest it for a while." I shrug.

"Or you can just stay with me," she suggests in a soft, sweet tone. I smile down at her and peck her lips.

"Or I could stay with you," I smirk before grabbing my bag. "Let's get going, James will be bringing the priest to your house soon." She nods and follows me out, I frown at my mum's closed door before sighing and heading outside. "You drove here?" I ask in confusion as Eden walks toward a white BMW.

"Yep, mom kept my car while I was in the institute." She says a smile as she unlocks the car, "Do you want to follow behind me?"

"Mum and I share the car and I left my keys inside."

"You can just use mine when you need it, not like I have a job or anything." She suggests as I place my bags in her back seat before climbing into the passenger seat.

"We'll figure it out, I have some time off I haven't used and honestly... I could really use it right now," I add and she gives me a soft smile before starting her car.

Eden was quiet during the drive but was gnawing her lip anxiously, I reach over and place my hand on her thigh causing her to glance at me out of the corner of her eye. "You alright?"

"He's gone Harry," she mumbles and I furrow my brows at her. "I woke up this morning and he was just gone, when I was alone he wasn't there either. I called to him and nothing, I just don't understand."

"Do you think last night when we-" What the fuck? Is my dick some magical demon exorcising tool?

"That has to be it, or when I finally fought back last night." She says shrugging and I squeeze her thigh reassuringly.

"The priest will make sure, if he is really gone then this is all over Eden." I reply and she smiles softly, "Your birthday is next week."

"It is isn't it? Well, what are you going to get me Doctor Styles?" She chirps and I smile widely.

"The question would be, what am I not going to get you love." I wink and she bites her lip.

Eden soon pulls up to her house and parks out front, she hangs back a bit nervously allowing me to go up to the door first. My knuckles hit the large wooden door which is instantly swung open by a very worried looking Donna.

"Harry! Have you heard from Eden? She's been missing since last night and-" I cut her off by walking into the house past her motioning behind me, "Oh thank God. You're alright Eden," She squeals as she wraps her arms around Eden. My eyes meet some darker blues belonging to a man I don't really recognize, he watches Donna and Eden nervously as Donna fusses over her daughter.

"Mom I'm fine, I swear," Eden says huffing in annoyance causing me the chuckle.

"Sweety you're a mess, let's go get you cleaned up." Donna suggests before turning to me and wrapping her arms around me, "Thank you so much, Harry." She says before kissing my cheek softly as Eden smiles at me and the blue-eyed man glares at me angrily.

"So you're fucking my wife Doctor Styles?" The man sneers, oh so you're John Anderson.

"No I'm not fucking your wife," I retort sternly before smirking. "I am fucking your stepdaughter though."

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