The game Pt. 1

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Eden stares at me with her lips parted, I was just being honest. As wrong as it was, that may have been the best kiss of my entire life. Her lips were soft and tasted of kiwi, her body molded so effortlessly to mine.

And I've fallen headfirst down the rabbit hole, mum is going to kill me.

"So, about that game?" I suggest trying to switch gears but fearful that after our kiss I won't be treating her much longer.

"What are the rules?" She asks as she bites her lip nervously making me want to kiss her all over again. I take her small hand in my much larger one before leading her back to the couch, after sitting I face her and place the bag of M&Ms between us.

"These are special M&Ms, there's only black and white. If you get white, you get to ask me a question." I explain.

"And if I get black?"

"Black is my color, I'd get to ask you a question," I reply and she tilts her head.

"This game seems silly and fattening Doctor Styles," She teases causing me to chuckle.

"Just a way to get to know each other," I shrug as she bites her lip. She presses her thighs together slightly and I can tell she's thinking about the kiss, "without using our lips love." I add with a cheeky grin causing her cheeks to redden.

"It just seems a bit redundant, doesn't it? I mean my records should tell you everything you need to know," she points out and I sigh.

"Yes but it doesn't tell me how you feel about it, I'd rather hear it from you anyways." I reply and she nods softly, "ladies first."

"She rolls her eyes before reaching in and pulling out a white M&M, Eden looks at me and bites her lip as she contemplates what to ask. "How old are you?"

"Twenty-seven, I'll be twenty-eight in a few months," I reply before reaching into the bag, I pull out a white M&M as Eden smirks victoriously.

"What's your first name?" She asks curiously.

"Harry," I smirk as she smiles shyly before pulling out a black M&M, she narrows her eyes at me and I chuckle. "Finally!" I exclaim gleefully before pinching my lips pensively, "what's your favorite color?" I ask and she rolls her eyes.


"Ah, the color of passion!" I tease as her cheeks flush, "it's a lovely color on you." I add with a wink, she pouts before tossing the black candy at me. I react quickly and catch it in my mouth causing her to look at me in surprise. The chocolate candy melts in my mouth as I pull out a white one.

"When did you move to Seattle?"

"About five years ago, my mum and I moved when I was hired at the institute," I explain, she flinches when I mention the institute.

After w few more rounds I've learned that she plays the piano, loves llamas and her favorite movie is Queen of the damned. She's learned a bit more about me as well such as my favorite foods and color.

"If you could be doing anything in the world right now, what would it be?" She asks having pulled out a white candy.

"Honestly?" I ask and she nodes, "I'd be kissing you." I reply as the words tumble from my lips and hers part in shock. I quickly pull out a white candy from the bag and look into her pale blue eyes, she doesn't take them off of me as she takes a sip of her iced tea.

"What are you waiting for then?" She whispers and I find myself leaning towards her. As soon as our lips touch there is an ice cold sensation on my crotch that causes me to gasp, "shit! I'm so sorry!" She squeals as she grabs napkins to clean her tea off of me.

Well, there goes my boner.

"It's fine love, I'll be right back," I assure her before jogging upstairs and then out to my car where I had some spare clothing. I grab a pair of boxers a shirt and some black jeans along with a hoodie before heading back inside then downstairs. Eden is cleaning the couch as I head into the bathroom before stripping down and splashing my face with cold water.

I can't believe I kissed her back...... I can't believe it felt so amazing, so meaningful.

"Doctor Styles?" Her sweet voice calls as I tug on my tight black jeans after slipping on my boxers. I step into my boots before grabbing my white tee and hoodie, my wet clothes are left hanging to dry while I exit the bathroom.

Eden's eyes widen as I walk over to her and pull on my shirt, this is SO informal that I may lose my job but I hate wearing wet clothing. "See, like nothing happened," I smirk and she rolls her eyes.

"How many tattoos do you have?" She asks curiously and I chuckle.

"I lost count after sixty-seven," I shrug. "Most are on my chest and arm."

"And the rest?" She asks as she bites her lip.

"I have one on my thigh then each ankle and some small, silly ones on my feet," I reply.

"You're not the typical psychologist are you?" Eden challenges and I shake my head smiling.

"No love, I certainly am not."

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