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My Step-Daughter, Michi by HarveyBLKKK
My Step-Daughter, Michiby HarveyBLKKK
This story contain mature shit and also taboo (incest to be honest)
Falling hard by cristybby3
Falling hardby cristybby3
My name is Isabella and I'm 16 and this is how I fell for my stepfather Jeffrey who doubled my age and then some, unfortunately the heart does what it want regardless of...
George Harrison Smut by harrisonkrshna2
George Harrison Smutby Harrisonkrishna2
Smut involving your favourite Beatle George Harrison! Warning: -very kinky -daddykink -smut
Daddy's Little Girl  by philippamcloughlin
Daddy's Little Girl by meepmorp
Not mine, this is an Avenged Sevenfold fanfic and all credit goes to the original author mkay ty
Dear Anto , by TheLuxiniGem
Dear Anto ,by TheLuxiniGem
when the girl who has an anxious attachment falls in love with a guy who is her reason to break all sorts of taboos .. epiphanies , love , heartbreak , confusion , lamen...
His Cousin  by Vaishu0605
His Cousin by Vaishu0605
What if you had a great night with a stranger and you can't take that night out of your mind... And that same stranger later comes to your life as your cousin yeah not a...
Yungblud Omorashi by omofanfic
Yungblud Omorashiby omofanfic
Wee desperation is my favourite thing, so here we go with a cheeky Yungblud omorashi story!
restricted || lrh by vanillacid
restricted || lrhby athena
[MATURE THEMES; WARNING:INCEST] "why do we--us, people--have a tendency of falling in love with people we can't have?"
Ash and Lillie's World Shattering Love by Anonymous-Cow
Ash and Lillie's World Anonymous-Cow
There is a saying. "It takes years to build trust and relationships and one moment to destroy them." This is a story where that saying will apply. When times...
My Taboo Disease by RebeccaYancy
My Taboo Diseaseby Rebecca Yancy
Hi all, this is my my experienced living with a rare sexual dysfunction. It's called Congenital Neuroproliferative Provoked Vestibuledanyia. I discovered it when I was...
Cheerleader by DaddyHatred
Cheerleaderby DaddyHatred
Incest/taboo smut story about a cheerleader, her brother, and their very loving family. THIS STORY DOES CONTAIN SMUT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
He Loves My Best Friend (And I Love Him) by ahhlexiis
He Loves My Best Friend (And I ahhlexiis
Paige has been in love with one of her best friends, Dean, ever since childhood. What she didn't know, was that her other best friend, Cindy, was also in love with him. ...
Bedtime by LovelyNight
Bedtimeby LovelyNight
I guess it started with the bedtime stories-Frightful ones, filled with monsters and evil captors. To my young mind, they seemed almost real. I'd stay in his bed, too sc...
Jason (bxb) [ON HOLD] by Ilovewafflessomuch
Jason (bxb) [ON HOLD]by Waffles are great
Day is a werewolf. He has a rough life and he can't wait to find his mate. When he finds out his mate is his sister's boyfriend, he freaks. ----------------- A/N: Guys...
Good Girl by Secret_Author_12
Good Girlby Secret_Author_12
Brad had been a part of Stephanie's life as long as she could remember. Her father had left when she was very young and Brad married her mom, Beth when Stephanie was eig...
FOSTER BOND # BOOK 2 (COMPLETED) by Patrickdechess
Here the are at it again after 4 months, will the bond or break further? will the go pass principal and legality? will Dennis give up his little remaining thread of mor...
Guild To Gay Books That Will Get You Hard  by bube68
Guild To Gay Books That Will Get Queen Esther Zita
Gay books that will get hard and bothered. .. Follow Vote Comment Like
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective by eatsomecannoli
Ace Ventura: Pet Detectiveby Aleksandra
Ever wondered what else Ace got up to after he escaped from the ruthless Wachati and Wachootoo? Here you have it. Disclaimer: do not really own anything except Bernie.
Gaycient Egypt // ON INDEFINITE HIATUS \\ by MentalHelpHotline
Gaycient Egypt // ON INDEFINITE Mental
Sorry, this book might be discontinued. Being gay in Ancient Egypt is... not so easy. Even thought it is accepted all around the area, it's not so popular. Family membe...
erotic literature by restoremysoul
erotic literatureby restoremysoul
title collection of some short taboo sex stories includes themes that some may consider very messed up. 18+ and don't read if you are looking for normal sex stories. °°