Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 

Whitney swiped at her running mascara with one finger. The last thing that she wanted right now was to go to a job interview. Bawling her head off moments before didn't really make her that attractive as a new hire. Nothing like a red nose and puffy eyes to make a great first impression. Mrs. Myers, her employer at Orchard Employment Agency, handed her another tissue. Whitney sniffled and tried again to fix her make-up. 

"But Mrs.M, how am I supposed to get to work down here?" She jerked a thumb toward the skyscrapers of downtown Denver. "Not that I have anywhere to live now that Justin kicked me out but..." she started to tear up again. Whitney blew her nose and threw her hands up, "Not only did he dump me with a note, apparently Justin hasn't been paying my car payments and they came and repo'd it this morning."

"Oh, my poor dear, I know you liked him but I can't say that I'm sorry he's out of your life." Whitney's lip quivered threatening another bout of tears so Mrs. Myers hurriedly continued, "You won't have to worry about commuting. This assignment comes with an apartment." 

"Why would a receptionist job come with a place to stay?"

"Mr. Ravilla keeps odd hours. Most of his staff have apartments there." Whitney frowned. Mrs. Myers gave a little shrug, "Well, like I said he is a bit eccentric."

"Hmm," Whitney snorted. 

"My dear, it is an opportunity no matter what it may sound like. There will be a place for you to stay and you won't be out any hours. Although, I really do feel bad that the recording studio didn't work out. They assured me that they would need you for at least six months. I can't believe they just closed like that."

"I guess." Whitney shrugged, "Why haven't I heard of this position before? It hasn't been on the job postings, has it?"

"No, I don't post this one." She said cryptically.

"Why not?"

"Let's just say that compatibility with the client is a factor."

"Compatibility? Is he mean or something?" 

"Not per say. He has been a client for years. Once you get used to him he is nice enough," she hedged.

"Sounds kinda ominous," Whitney said. "So what else do I need to know besides the fact that he is personality challenged and can't use a clock like a normal person?"

"Whitney!" Mrs. Myers scowled at her favorite employee.

"Sorry, I'm just out of sorts. Suddenly being homeless and unwanted will do that."

"You are not unwanted, my dear." Mrs. Myers leaned over and patted Whitney's knee. "InfiniCorp is an investment firm with a few subsidiary companies tied into it. Mr. Ravilla is the CEO. He does most of the work himself and the rest is through telecommuting so don't expect a large staff."

"So does he lives and works down here?" Whitney asked as the car made its way through rush hour traffic.



"Now Whitney, he may seem a bit forward so please don't take offense."

"Forward, huh? He isn't some kind of weirdo is he?" Whitney squinted sideways at the older lady. 

"No dear," Mrs. Myers gave her an indulgent smile, "not in the way you are thinking."

"What's that supposed to mean? He's not going to jump on me and drain my blood in the middle of the night is he? Or sacrifice me to a chicken or some other horrible thing?"

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